Re: Need help connecting to xbox live

If you could get someone else’s console for testing purpose, you could confirm the problem.
Or connect your console to a friend’s home network and see if it works there. This way you can point to any network setup problem and if they are console or location based.

  • If your console works at another location, then it is your home network problem.
  • If your console doesn’t work at another location either but your account works on another console, then it is your console problem. Did you ever change any network settings in your console’s dashboard?

You could confirm the above with another, working console in your home network to see if that one works there (then it is your console problem) or if it doesn’t (then it is your home network – probably router – problem). At this point I assume there is no known Live problem with your network provider?

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Re: Need help connecting to xbox live

Take a look at the Xbox Support pages below, they might help you solve your issue.

  • Troubleshoot Your Xbox Live Connection
    • According to your problem description, item "Xbox Live" is not connecting:

      This test verifies that your Xbox 360 console can contact Xbox Live. If your console does not pass this test, check your results for these other connection tests:

      A failure on any of these tests will prevent you from signing in to Xbox Live. If your console passes all of these tests and still cannot contact Xbox Live, verify that your account information is accurate and up to date.

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Re: Help!! Router problem

The red steady status light indicates that the wireless adapter is ready to be connected to a network. In other words, it should work once you have set up the correct network configuration settings in your Xbox adapter’s dashboard.

Use the wireless adaptor’s user manual for details about the setup; refer to section "Connect to your new wireless network or an existing wireless network". If you don’t have the manual anymore, download it from this link and see page 12 (English) for "Your network settings".

The wireless adapter’s manual provides a space where you can note your wireless network settings, in two sets: 802.11g/b and 802.11a (depends what router (setup) you use). In summary:

  • Workgroup name – Not needed to connect to the router. It is used to connect to a Windows computer (Windows Media…).
  • Network Wireless network name (SSID) – The name of your wireless network, you find it in your router configuration.
  • Wireless security setting – The encryption of your network. Supported formats: WPA/WEP or no encryption. Refer to your router’s setup if encryption is enabled, what format it is and what key is used.
  • Wireless channel (system link networks only) – If you want to connect 2 consoles with each other.

Please check your laptop’s wireless network settings because they are the same as for the Xbox. Also take a look at the wireless adapter’s user manual’s "Troubleshooting" section.

Some thoughts:

  • Do you use MAC filtering for wireless connected devices? (not by default)
  • How about your router’s DHCP settings? By default, it is enabled. If you disabled it or otherwise enforce connected devices to use a static (fixed) IP address, the Xbox cannot connect. So either enable DHCP on the router or give your Xbox it’s own IP address following the format of the router IP, and use the router’s IP address for gateway (and use the same subnet mask).
    Example: if router’s IP is with subnet mask, then you can only change the 4th part of the IP in the range from 2-255. If your laptop would use 2, then a suitable Xbox static IP could be (if not used by another wireless connected device).


  • (If used) Did you re-type the WEP key / WPA passphrase in the Xbox adapter’s setting? You might have mistyped it the first time.
  • Copy all router settings in a case-sensitive writing ( "Xbox" is not "xbox").

Advanced router security:

  • Your router might have additional security enabled (firewall…), so in case you use static IP addresses, assign the Xbox’s IP address to the DMZ setting in your router. By doing so, the router will hide itself from the Xbox and connect the console "directly" to the Internet (bypassing any router security except for the wireless network encoding).

Try this only if you feel safe about it and the above doesn’t work. If you want to give it a try to connect the Xbox to your router in the most basic way, write down your current router settings and then change this parameters:

  • SSID: whatever it is, copy it to the Xbox.
  • Encryption: disable.
  • DHCP: enable.
  • MAC filter: disable.

If your other wireless devices can connect, check their settings and try the same with the console. Also refer to the wireless problems mentioned in the adapter’s user manual’s "Troubleshooting" section.

PPPoE and other ISP provided details are for the Internet connection only. Your router handles that and shares the Internet with all devices connected to the router. You don’t need that for the Xbox if your Xbox is connected to the router (only used if the Xbox is connected directly to your ISP’s modem).

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Re: Help!! Router Problem

Some more questions:

  1. Did you also follow the instructions from the Xbox wireless adapter’s manual?
    (Section "Connect to Your New Wireless Network or an Existing Wireless Network" – "Your Network Settings" in particular).
  2. Do you use the router to establish your Internet connection or do you connect it to another router/modem?
    I’ve seen setups where the broadband provider’s modem was plugged into the router’s normal port (not the "Internet" port) and thus the modem’s connection was just forwarded to the next device which connected first to it – so in such a case the laptop would block all other devices from going online).
  3. Does your Xbox tells you it cannot connect to Live or there is no wireless connection whatsoever? What is the error status?
  4. Does your router broadcast the wireless network name (SSID)? Otherwise no Xbox auto-connect.
  5. Is the Xbox wireless adapter’s power light on?
    What is the status? Green steady, red steady or red blinking?
  6. Do you have any other radio/wireless devices just next to your Xbox wireless adapter? It’s known to be disturbed by some other hardware including the original Xbox (1) wireless adapter.
  7. Does your router has the latest firmware?

This might also be a good resource to check:

I personally use a different router brand/model and a wired connection, so I can’t provide much more help. Perhaps a fellow gamer uses the same equipment and could share his/her knowledge?

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Re: Help!! Router Problem

  1. Can you connect other wireless device(s)?
  2. Did you follow the instructions from the respective user manuals?
  3. Could you provide some more information like router model, if using default settings or customized, what parameters etc…?

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In reply to hydrachk:
I use HGC network and BUFFAXXX router. My xbox wireless adaptor cannot detect the wireless signal and connect to xbox live.
Anyone can help?

Personal comment: I really would appreciate if people would add some more – at least the basic – information to their posts.