Re: XBOX360 wireless router setup problem

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I am confused about yout setup.

  • What is / where do you use "USB Wireless"? On your computer?
  • Then where you use the router? On your Xbox?
  • You want to connect the router to the USB Wireless network adapter?
  • Then where the Internet comes from? The LAN (network) cable from your "modem" (broadband) to the PC? And the PC connects wireless to the router?
  • Or you connect the Internet (broadband modem) via another USB to the computer as well?

You need to provide more information about your material and current setup (connections) so that people can better understand what you have and what you want. Right now it is really not clear (to me).

So here my wishlist:

  1. What is your network hardware (for example, PC = USB Wireless)?
  2. What is your connection to the broadband modem? USB or LAN?
  3. Do you need a "login" to go online with your PC? (See network provider setup)
  4. What you do with the new router? Connect to the Xbox by cable? Or maybe even got the Xbox Wireless Adapter?
  5. How you want your network setup?
    a) All connected machines can go online all the time?
    b) Your PC is the "gateway" where everything passes through?

There have been a lot of lengthy and detailed threads in this forum regarding network setup… Did you take a look there? Maybe it could help you as well. Here some hints:

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Original question by etcmach:
I bought the wireless router brand name – Level one model no.WBR-3406TX. Do your know this router isn’t compatible with XBOX360. I just call to XBOX hotline, they said that they have recommend to use D-Link, Linksys or Netgear.If not, how to setup to connect XBOX live. Because of my connection status show as below:

Network adapter: USB Wirelss
Wireless network: Connected
IP address: Failed

Have anybody know how to solve my problem???And if to use wireless online, isn’t easily to disconnect


Re: Windows Media Center

Windows Media Center is a Windows edition same as Tablet PC, Home, Professional… In addition to that, it is bundled to the hardware same as the Tablet PC edition. While you can buy the Home and Professional editions, the Media Center and Tablet come with the respective hardware.

You can still connect your Xbox 360 to your PC using the Windows Media Connect program which comes free of charge from the download section. However, media streaming from your PC to your console is not supported (copy… is supported).

All information about both Windows Media Center and Media Connect can be found in these HK Forum threads:

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Re: WHAT IS Xbox Live Aware mean?

Not just Live is aware that you are online but other gamers can see that you are online and message you.

Cable with router


Cable provider but not in HK. Compared to a HK friend’s cable connection, it however looks the same so I post it here anyway.

Default hardware:

Cable modem with one port.


No network problems.


Cable modem only provides 1 port and no wireless.


For connection standards at the place of use, it is at good speed (don’t dare to compare to HK though). Just ignore this section for HK.

My setup:

Since I brought a router (Linksys WRT54G) from HK to there anyway (saved a lot of cash and I didn’t know yet at that time if I would get a cable or phone line based broadband connection), I hooked it up to the modem and use it as a hub with wireless access point.

Router basic setup:
– Internet connection type: Automatic configuration – DHCP *
– MTU: auto
That’s it, nothing else for the connection.

* Do not mix up this DHCP with the DHCP server function also found in the router’s config pages. DHCP for Internet connection type means that the router basically "takes what it gets from the modem" (to keep it simple). No login required.

Again, I use fixed IP addresses in my LAN; refer to those settings to my previous "Netvigator with router" post.

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Netvigator with router


Netvigator 8M, a broadband plan by PCCW.

Default hardware:

Netvigator’s "grey box" with 4 ports.


No network problems.


The default hardware – the grey box (modem) – requires a device (computer, console…) to login in order to go online. Only one device can go online at a time, therefore one has to share the Internet connection to allow more than one device going online simultaneously. The only other device being online all the time regardless of other computers… attached is the Now IPTV box.


Generally a good connection.

My setup:

In order to solve the "one device at a time" policy governed by the login procedure, I got a Linksys WRT54GS V1.1 (long ago, now have V2 and V3) router. The WRT54G and WRT54GS series are compatible with Xbox Live.

Router basic setup:
– Internet connection type: PPPoE
– Username: the one you got from ISP
– Password: the one you got from ISP
– Keep connection alive (means "always on")
– MTU: auto
That’s it, nothing else for the connection. After that, any device connected to the router can go online without further setup.*

* That is, if you have DHCP enabled. In that case, IP addresses are allocated automatically to all connected devices which also have DHCP enabled (default setting).
If you distribute your own IP addresses in your LAN, then you have to do the related changes in the router config menu as well (if you want a different subnet mask or IP for your router).

I personally use fixed IP addresses for all connected devices so I changed that in the Xbox console as well. I entered an IP and subnet mask matching the router config.

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What is your network setup?

It would be nice to publish the various network setups we all use to get our Xbox consoles online.

How do you connect to Xbox Live? Wired or wireless? What is your hardware? Router or hub? Using cable or phone? Did you have any problems with your ISP and how did you solve or work around them?

Please share your experiences in this thread so that every newcomer can learn from it and save hours of trial and failure; not to mention patience and in worst case his or her interest in Xbox Live. This shouldn’t become an advertising thread, just share your own, personal situation.

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Re: 如果沒用指定 ISP ( 譬如:綱上行), 我係用有線寬頻 , 請問點樣上倒 xbox live ?

I am a bit confused now how the topic develops. Rather than simplifing and concluding the topic, it seems to open more issues instead. Let me try to sort out and summarize it:

  • Certain hardware (routers, hubs…) have compatibility issues with Live (see MS’ hardware compatibility list).
  • This hardware compatibility list however does not include all available hardware and in fact leaves out some important models in certain regions. Example: router models which replace the ISP-provided boxes entirely and are hooked directly to the analog or digital (phone, not cable) line to establish the broadband connection. The list is good enough to get a router hooked up to the ISP-provided modem and keep a network-wide shared connection alive.
  • Routers are generally required by those who don’t want to use their pc to share the connection or connect the console individually (either console or pc goes online) and who need do "dial-up" / login to establish the connection.
  • In case the ISP-provided modem doesn’t require a login by the attached device, a simple hub may as well do the job of sharing the connection (just multiplying the port).

Rather than always warming up the same topics again and still new gamers come with the same questions, why don’t we just put up a list of our own setups and configurations? We got several providers in HK with various broadband offers, so I think it would be extremely useful to share our own network setup with others so people would just have to compare their situation with those published here.

I have started a new thread called "What is your network setup?" where I also publish various network setups I personally use. Please feel free to contribute your own experiences.

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