Re: Please Help Me!!!Account Managment/Credit Card Question.

Did you try to log into your account from the Web?

  1. On top of this forum page, click your gamertag; that leads you to your account page.
  2. There, click "Manage Profile"
  3. The next page shows your "Gamer Card"page, click "Billing and Contact Information"on right under "Account Management"
  4. The next page is the "Contact Information"page; there click on the "My Billing Information" link on top
  5. On the next page, you should be able to modify your billing details.

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In reply to Groovnstar:
The credit I used to sign up for Gold membership last year has expired, Xbox Live sent me an email to notify me. And then my box had "ring of death" so I took it to Kwai Fong and got a new one back today. Now, I want to add a credit detail to renew my memberhship but I cannot even sign in (of course!My account is suspended). It tells me to go into "Account Management" but when I click that it says "You are required to sign into Xbox Live to management your account"……….Yes right, how can I sign into xbox live when you say my account is suspended????

Re: Game Tag

Gamertags are just names attached to your account. What determines your location is your billing address. You will join the HK marketplace if you register with a HK billing address. You can change later on the address within the same country from the billing management but regarding a change of country, call support to ask for the procedure in your place.

Note that the billing address also determines the Xbox dashboard interface language regarding all pages related to billing. My recommendation to gamers registering in foreign countries: know someone with the skills to read the language of the registration country in case something has to be modified.

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Replacements: out of stock

It’s a nightmare-come-true for every gamer if the object of desire is out of stock, be it a game title, accessory or console. While hot items like limited numbers of the Xbox 360 Elite are difficult to come by, in Hong Kong it recently has become a nightmare beyond imagination once the console dies (Red Ring Of Death) – which happens way too frequent, with some gamers having their console already replaced five times and more.

In case the console dies, there’s no way to get it back to work and it must be replaced by returning it to the local customer center. However, there are so many Xbox consoles dying that the customer support can’t keep up with the demand. Replacement appointments are now as much as one month delayed and it’s rather becoming worse than better. How lucky those gamers who got another console, even it would mean going back to Xbox 1.

The console’s hardware failures were long time ignored by Microsoft until eventually it had to come public and announced an international warranty extension to three years which would also affect all consoles sold previous to that announcement. Microsoft billed this at 1 billion USD.

Re: 3 Red Light

Take a look here:

It’s the Singapore page so it’s in English (referring to your English posts) and it also includes the HK customer support hotline (800-96-4215).

For Chinese/Hong Kong language/page, go here:

Whatever your questions, either call (see above) or email them.

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Re: X Box Live In China …Beijing

There’s no China Xbox (yet), so go with the Hong Kong instead.
All you need is a broadband connection not blocking ports required by Live. That’s something you must find out in advance if you go to a non-Live (not yet officially supported) place. Either other people already play Live in your new location with your future broadband provider or you must confirm (ask a computer user on same line or customer support) the availability of these ports:

  • UDP 88
  • UDP 3074
  • TCP 3074

More information on ports here:

While I don’t get your "phone number" meaning, I assume with account you mean your gamer account? If you got one already, you can use that one anywhere to connect. If you don’t have one yet, remember you only can use personal contact data located in a region officially supported by Live (such as Hong Kong). This includes the billing details.

Some reminders:

  • Xbox 360 is extremely fragile when it comes to power supply and from my own experience, China’s power supply is just terrible. Outages, low or high voltages… Consider to hook a battery (those UPS – Uninterruptible Power Supply) between the wall socket and your console.
  • Careful with cheap power socket adapters if your new place’s socket differs from your console’s plug.

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