Re: Help!! Router Problem

Some more questions:

  1. Did you also follow the instructions from the Xbox wireless adapter’s manual?
    (Section "Connect to Your New Wireless Network or an Existing Wireless Network" – "Your Network Settings" in particular).
  2. Do you use the router to establish your Internet connection or do you connect it to another router/modem?
    I’ve seen setups where the broadband provider’s modem was plugged into the router’s normal port (not the "Internet" port) and thus the modem’s connection was just forwarded to the next device which connected first to it – so in such a case the laptop would block all other devices from going online).
  3. Does your Xbox tells you it cannot connect to Live or there is no wireless connection whatsoever? What is the error status?
  4. Does your router broadcast the wireless network name (SSID)? Otherwise no Xbox auto-connect.
  5. Is the Xbox wireless adapter’s power light on?
    What is the status? Green steady, red steady or red blinking?
  6. Do you have any other radio/wireless devices just next to your Xbox wireless adapter? It’s known to be disturbed by some other hardware including the original Xbox (1) wireless adapter.
  7. Does your router has the latest firmware?

This might also be a good resource to check:

I personally use a different router brand/model and a wired connection, so I can’t provide much more help. Perhaps a fellow gamer uses the same equipment and could share his/her knowledge?

{One of my posts at "Xbox Live香港(Hong Kong)討論區" dated "03-07-2008, 05:36AM"}


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