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An official forum Xbox LIVE Help has been launched.

Community Games Forum

An official forum for the Xbox LIVE Community Games has been launched.

New Xbox Experience

November 19 marks the day the Xbox 360 video game console will get its first dashboard make-over. Let’s hope it will not turn into "the day the Xbox stood still". The fall 2008 update took much longer than expected – the previously announced 24hours downtime turned into several days of limited and even no service at all for some areas.

You might want to backup as much as possible to memory units; one can never play safe enough.

Clean Up Your Xbox Memory

I would recommend to everyone – no matter the size of the drive – to go into the Xbox 360 memory management from time to time and clean it up. So much rubbish accumulates over time from demo game saves to no longer used downloads, long forgotten videos and more. Not to mention you could outsource your entire music collection onto a USB memory stick.

97% Of American Youth Play Video Games

A national survey from the Pew Internet & American Life Project found that while young Americans don’t necessarily play the same thing, nearly all of them – girls included – play video games of one kind or another. Nearly 2/3 play video games to socialize face-to-face with friends and family, while just over 1/4 said they play with Internet friends.

  • 97% of the young respondents play video games. That’s 99% of boys and 94% of girls.
  • 7% didn’t have a computer at home.
  • 80% play 5 or more different game genres, with racing, puzzles, sports and action the most common.
    Favorites were Guitar Hero, Halo 3, Madden NFL, Solitaire and Dance Dance Revolution.
  • Half of the boys and& 14% of the girls listed a game with an "M" or "AO" rating as one of their favorites.

Get the full report.