Fall 2008 Update – Xbox Experience, Live Primetime & Party

The fall 2008 update for the Xbox 360 will not "update" but entirely change the dashboard:

"A new Xbox experience that will reinvent home entertainment from the inside out, changing the way we play games, watch movies and TV shows, and even become contestants in game shows. It all begins this fall with a bold new look and feel that is fun, social and simple to use."

Another major news is the partnership with Netflix – a movie rental service – giving Xbox 360 users instant access to more than 10,000 feature films and television shows with a click of a button.

Meeting global gamers’ complaints at least partially, another new feature, Xbox Live Primetime, will provide content to non-US gamers as well:

"TV shows and movies from world leaders in entertainment including NBC Universal, Universal Studios Home Entertainment, SCI FI Channel and USA Network domestically and Constantin and MGM internationally."

Feature highlights for the new Xbox experience:

  • Entertainment without limits.
    With Live Party, bring your favorite games, TV shows, movies and pictures to life by sharing those experiences with friends, wherever they are around the world.
  • Express yourself.
    With the new Xbox 360 experience, gamers can personalize their entertainment like never before. They can create their own avatar, designed exclusively by Rare Ltd., and jump into a party with friends from around the world.
  • "Must See TV" and more.
    The biggest names in entertainment worldwide, such as Netflix, NBC Universal, Universal Studios Home Entertainment, SCI FI Channel, USA Network, Constantin and MGM are bringing their content to Xbox 360 on Xbox Live Primetime.

(Read the full press release)


60GB hard drive

The US is releasing a new version of the Xbox 360 which will triple the existing 20GB hard drive to 60GB but keep the same price. 20GB consoles will be sold out at a discount while stock lasts. No words yet about console upgrades on Asian sites but it shouldn’t take long for the upgraded version to arrive.

(No) Spring Update

Marc Whitten, General Manager of Xbox Live, gives away first details of big changes to the service in an exclusive interview with Next Generation. The two main headlines are that

  • there will be no spring dashboard update,
  • underperforming Xblox Live Arcade (XBLA) titles will be removed,
  • changes to the DRM policy, and
  • a tool will be released to fix the issue that forced gamers playing XBLA games to be connected to Xbox LIVE if their console was replaced.

Instead of pushing for a spring dashboard update – you might compare it with a Windows Service Pack (SP) – focus lies on “building the proper infrastructure and scale for the service"; whatever that means.

Underperforming XBLA titles will be eligible for removal from the titles list with a 3 months notice if

  • they have been out for more than 6 months,
  • have a Metacritic score of less than 65%, and
  • have a conversion rate of less than 6%.

[Read the complete interview]

MOH Airborne errors

Electronic Arts (EA) first-person shooter (FPS) Medal of Honor (MOH) Airborne features at least 2 errors which make one wonder if there was anyone checking the product for anything other than game-play (which also has the occasional hiccup):

  • European map showing wrong countries
    It shows Luxembourg as being part of France.
  • Level "Flakturm" wrong spelling in title
    Level’s title shown during intro clip spelled "Flaktürm".
    Flak stands for Flieger-Abwehr-Kanone (anti-aircraft canon).

Furthermore, the game has a couple of problems with the AI (such as suicidal behavior through lack of most basic environmental awareness in certain situations) and level animation which hasn’t been fixed since the first releases of the MOH series.

Re: Need help connecting to xbox live

If you could get someone else’s console for testing purpose, you could confirm the problem.
Or connect your console to a friend’s home network and see if it works there. This way you can point to any network setup problem and if they are console or location based.

  • If your console works at another location, then it is your home network problem.
  • If your console doesn’t work at another location either but your account works on another console, then it is your console problem. Did you ever change any network settings in your console’s dashboard?

You could confirm the above with another, working console in your home network to see if that one works there (then it is your console problem) or if it doesn’t (then it is your home network – probably router – problem). At this point I assume there is no known Live problem with your network provider?

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Re: Need help connecting to xbox live

Take a look at the Xbox Support pages below, they might help you solve your issue.

  • Troubleshoot Your Xbox Live Connection
    • According to your problem description, item "Xbox Live" is not connecting:

      This test verifies that your Xbox 360 console can contact Xbox Live. If your console does not pass this test, check your results for these other connection tests:

      A failure on any of these tests will prevent you from signing in to Xbox Live. If your console passes all of these tests and still cannot contact Xbox Live, verify that your account information is accurate and up to date.

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Re: Please Help Me!!!Account Managment/Credit Card Question.

Did you try to log into your account from the Web?

  1. On top of this forum page, click your gamertag; that leads you to your account page.
  2. There, click "Manage Profile"
  3. The next page shows your "Gamer Card"page, click "Billing and Contact Information"on right under "Account Management"
  4. The next page is the "Contact Information"page; there click on the "My Billing Information" link on top
  5. On the next page, you should be able to modify your billing details.

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In reply to Groovnstar:
The credit I used to sign up for Gold membership last year has expired, Xbox Live sent me an email to notify me. And then my box had "ring of death" so I took it to Kwai Fong and got a new one back today. Now, I want to add a credit detail to renew my memberhship but I cannot even sign in (of course!My account is suspended). It tells me to go into "Account Management" but when I click that it says "You are required to sign into Xbox Live to management your account"……….Yes right, how can I sign into xbox live when you say my account is suspended????