Re: Use XBOX 360 to play XBOX games

Xbox 360 can play Xbox (1) games, BUT…

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Re: mediaConnect my pc to xbox360……. can play music, can’t see photo….WHY!?

Correct file format; such as JPG only for photos?

You may find some useful information here: Digital Media
Lot’s of How-To guides (left menu).

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Re: XBox Game in XBox 360

Here a quick guide:

Official backward compatibility games lists:

How To:


  • Hard drive
  • Software emulator (see "How To" above)

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Re: I’m wondering whether MS official will read this forum posts??

Just a few words about the language issue:

  • How can somebody be an Xbox ambassador when writing such comments: "Or at least type in Japanese and respect their forums" (referring to the Hong Kong forums)? That’s like saying the Germans should write in French.
  • English is an official language in Hong Kong.
  • English and Chinese are both supported by Microsoft.

This is just silly…

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Re: more than one log in a console

The plan with HK dollars and Chinese text: did you use a HK billing address / credit card?
No matter what settings, locations, emails etc… you use, the billing address will be the only thing that matters in terms of account upgrade, purchases… If billing address is in country X, then the currencies, language of texts related to billing transactions etc… are in the language used in the dashboard for country X.

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Re: How to delete Player Account

I am not exactly sure which type of account and what kind of delete you mean, so here several suggestions:

  • Live accounts stored on the console can be deleted in the console’s memory section.
  • Live accounts can be terminated by contacting support.
  • Game player accounts can be deleted in-game or in the console’s memory section.

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Re: 點解microsoft唔正視我地主機過熱,同壞機既問題~~

Given the size of the Xbox 360 Spring Update, it was more like a Service Pack.

"Starting June 6, Xbox 360™ gamers will be able to access a vigorous system-wide update creating a new pinnacle for next-generation gaming and entertainment. The Xbox 360 spring update introduces more than 125 revolutionary features and enhancements adding to the sheer power of Xbox 360, with stunning high-definition graphics, rich online capabilities, and innovative media offerings delivering a digital gaming and entertainment experience that simply can’t be matched."

Read all here:

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