Halo 3 Brute Force

No, I am not talking about a mix of Halo 3 and Brute Force, but about the brute force the Brutes have in Halo 3. Bungie Studios has released a seven-minute documentary showing more details about the characters and gameplay in Halo 3. The video showcases Master Chief’s newest foe, the Brute, and gives some details about Halo 3’s Campaign mode.

The documentary shows how the designers, artists, and programmers worked to replace a fan favorite – the mighty Elite – with an unforgettable ferocious adversary. Watch how the Brutes behave in packs and as individuals with brilliant new animation and A.I. Take a first look at the new Brute graphics, weapons, and armor designs and finally, get a first look inside the legendary Campaign mode.

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Halo3 ad disappointing

The latest video clip of Halo 3 is pretty lame, to say the least. Clearly designed for insiders rather than those never seen or heard of the Halo franchise before, it was aired only once on TV (US) during Monday Night Football.

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Halo Wars

Can it get any better than this?

Halo Wars is the next big real-time strategy game from Ensemble Studios, creators of Age of Empires. Designed exclusively for the Xbox 360, “Halo Wars” allows you to take charge of the human UNSC armies and see the Halo universe from a totally new perspective.

Sure, the graphics are pre-rendered but that’s not a significant difference anymore to the real game nowadays. At least not, if the console’s graphic card is maxed out.

Here a quick, official description:

Halo Wars takes place before Halo 1 during the UNSC’s first deadly encounters with the Covenant. Players will lead the crew of the UNSC’s “Spirit of Fire” from initial skirmishes to an all out war against the evil Covenant.

Re: WARNING, REPLACEMENT 360s remove your offline games

The answer to this problem was previously published in the Xbox Live Marketplace: Frequently Asked Questions page but it seems they removed it as I can’t see it anymore under the "Premium Content" section. I found a copy on Elle’s Xbox 360 Space (full article); here some excerpts:

To play the full version of any Xbox Live Arcade game that you’ve downloaded, you must:

  • Play it on the console to which it was originally downloaded, or
  • If on another console, be signed in to Xbox Live with the profile that downloaded the full game.

If you don’t meet either of these criteria, the game will slip into demo mode.

I remember reading some articles in other places back in the early days of the Xbox 360 and that some guys managed to get their accounts restored by the support service after extensive and detailed complaining so they actually could play the games offline again after plugging their old hard drive into their new (replaced) console. Not mentioned though how that was realised and also there have been reports where support did not provide that service (anymore).

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Re: Doom 3

Doom 3 in short:

After you arrive on Mars, there is some talk and show and you have to walk around first to find the chief before the action starts. When you arrive, your avatar doesn’t know yet really what’s going on so he’s told by the chief to find some guy and after that, all *** breaks loose.


  • Talk to persons around to learn more about the place and its activities.
    After you met the chief guy, you won’t find many people alive anymore…
  • Pick up AND READ all those discs (audio, video and data) which are downloaded in your PDA.
    Besides being part of the storyline, they also include useful information about weapons and access codes.
  • Look out for a fun arcade game "better than Quake 40something".


I usually experience quite a lag when trying to get online with Doom.


If you can get the Doom3 Limited Collector’s Edition (silver metal box), there is also Doom 1 and Doom 2 from the PC included. In fact, after playing the high-quality looking Doom 3 for a while, it’s really enjoyable to get back to one’s younger days and re-live those many hours cutting meat with the chainsaw and bragging with a Soundblaster 16.

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List of Game FAQs and guides written by Users

I thought it’s worth to mention that there is a new publication in the Forum FAQ directory of the Xbox forums:

Covering Xbox 360, Arcade…

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Re: Mouse & Keyboard ??

There is another, easy to be overseen reason for not allowing keyboard and mouse support on consoles during the game sessions: FAIR PLAY. Imagine you would play with a controller against an opponent making moves at lightning speed because he/she is using a keyboard and mouse instead. That would be (at least) in the grey area of cheating.

If you play a FPS on pc, you know and in fact expect that everyone you play with, is also using a keyboard and mouse. At least the basics are the same for everyone. There’s always someone with a better mouse but hey, it’s mostly a question of hardware power and your own speed.

On consoles, the same rule goes: you know and expect that everyone else you play with, is using a controller and yes, here too are differences in controller quality and personal skills; but in the end it is still a mostly equal situation.

If you buy a console, you know it is a controller world. If you want to play FPS with mouse and keyboard only, play it on a pc. You also won’t buy a speedboat to make a living on fishing; that’s just not matching by their respective basic purpose.

FPS games are quite well possible to play on a professional level with a controller only. It’s not for everyone, but that goes for steering wheels as well. Some can’t drive a racing game with a controller, some can’t do it with a steering wheel.

In the end, it all comes down to personal skills based on training and patience, preference and fair-play.

Hint: You shouldn’t start playing a FPS with professionals if it is the first time you hold a controller; no matter you were the champion in the pc version of the very same game. Take your time to familiarize yourself with the new environment and do some practice. That’s what matchmaking based on your skills is for.

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