2007 Fall Dashboard Update

Xbox 360‘s 2007 Fall Dashboard Update will be available free for download via Live on December 4.

Top features (listed alphabetically):

  • Easy-to-use navigation features
    Improved navigation within the dashboard; discover by yourself.
  • Enhanced online profile
    A step closer to social networking sites.
  • Enhanced Parental Controls
    Family Timer will pop up during game play to remind you about your expiring time slot allocated by your parents.
  • Expanded Friends List access
    Friends see lists of other friends (beware)
  • New video features
    Full-screen movie previews and enhanced video codec support.
  • Inside Xbox
    Read Xbox.com news in your dashboard.
  • Xbox Live Arcade Hits
    Think of the "Platinum Hits" (aka "Premium Hits") labels for shelve games but applied to Arcade titles.
  • Xbox Originals
    At 1200 Microsoft Points per game, original Xbox 1 games can be downloaded and kept (not a timed service). Assuming you have a hard drive.

Complete features list:

Account Management

  • Added error text to direct under 13 year old user to the Web when attempting to change contact information
  • Added Messenger Signup into Xbox LIVE signup
  • Added PEGI logo icons to Game ratings scenes
  • Added support for switching between Windows Live ID accounts
  • Added Support for User Graduation
  • Added support to allow users to change the Windows Live ID they use with their Xbox LIVE gamertag
  • Added support to Migrate Zune Accounts to Xbox LIVE accounts with purchase rights
  • Added text for "in-game voice" complaint option
  • Display MS Points Web Address correctly for Korea
  • Improved blocking support for Friends Only sessions
  • Improved enforcement of Windows Live ID and Gamertag Regions
  • Improved Informational Text for cases where Gamertag already in use
  • Improved parental control support for 48 hour trial codes
  • Improved robustness when viewing friends profiles and quickly backing out
  • Improved support for account recovery when no storage devices attached to console
  • Improved support for invalid characters in phone field
  • Improved support to cancel out of Credit Card scenes during account sign-up
  • Improved support to load Dashboard after exiting from Account Recovery
  • Improved text for accounts that have been banned
  • Improved text for Direct Debit in Germany
  • Improved text for explaining Gamertag, Gamercard, etc to users signing up
  • Improved text for recovering Gamertag dialogs
  • Improved text for Zune Accounts in Sign Up app
  • Improved text spacing for Recover Gamertag dialogs in Russian
  • Improved text support for handling expired credit cards during purchase transactions
  • Improved text to inform users that only 1 profile can have auto signin enabled
  • Improved text translations for Account Management in German


  • Added support for Audio Mute/Unmute for video ads


  • Added double-high friends list to show more details for each friend
  • Added new feature "Inside Xbox" on the Xbox LIVE blade
  • Added support for richer profile viewing including Real name, Bio, Locations, etc
  • Added support to control privacy settings for Friends of Friends viewing
  • Added support to show friends a real name
  • Added support to view Friends of Friends
  • Display actual friends count and not list item count in Add Friend page
  • Improved German localized text for recent players blade
  • Improved robustness in Friends area when rapidly pressing A and B buttons
  • Improved support of viewing Friends profiles when friend has existing pending friends requests
  • Improved text messages for Privacy Settings in Blocked Communication scenarios
  • No longer report Invitations as ‘sent’ when communication set to ‘blocked’


  • Added ability to twist UI left and right to filter/sort in Media lists
  • Added ‘Downloads’ button to game launch page on Games Blade
  • Added fade out transitions for transitions from dash to video playback
  • Added Friends Playing Now feature to Games Blade for Xbox LIVE Arcade, Xbox Originals, Xbox 360 disc based games, and Xbox 360 Demos.
  • Added grouping support for TV & Game content in Media Blade
  • Added localization support for AM / PM in 12-hour clock format for Traditional and Simplified Chinese
  • Added sort by Title/Date for acquired Video library content
  • Added support for Featured Downloads in Arcade area of Games Blade
  • Added support for twist controls in offline Dashboard and Xbox Guide
  • Added support for updating Marketplace, Xbox LIVE and Games blade without full system update download
  • Added support for Video album art on attached hard drives in separate .jpg files
  • Added support to not write trial-version Arcade games to user’s played games history (this is only for newly downloaded games after the Dec’07 update is released)
  • Allow all signed in users to access Banners in Dashboard or Marketplace, not just first signed in user
  • Arcade area shows ‘–‘ instead of ‘0’ for gamerscore when signed out
  • Changed UI Flow for Media connectivity: default to console, and allow users to change device via X button. Also remember last chosen device
  • Disconnected MU or Controller Message persisted when launching back to Dashboard from Game Title
  • Improve accelerated scrolling speed for long lists
  • Improve transition speed of blades
  • Improved consistency in confirmation text when deleting items
  • Improved enumeration speed of lists in games blade
  • Improved error handling when signing out while viewing a marketplace ad
  • Improved handling of moving game profiles from MU to HDD
  • Improved localization text for Polish in System Update dialogs
  • Improved performance of Guide Transitions
  • Improved progress bar accuracy when moving large files from MU to HDD
  • Improved responsiveness of Dashboard overall
  • Improved robustness after attempting to resume an expired purchased video
  • Improved robustness when comparing achievements after connection to LIVE is lost
  • Improved support for Daylight Savings Time in Alaska time zone
  • Improved support for handling disc full when downloading movies from Marketplace
  • Improved text layout for blade names in CHT (Traditional Chinese)
  • Improved text on Startup page in System Blade area
  • Improved text translations for Arcade area in Japan
  • Removed PC Affiliation from the System Blade
  • Starting DVD playback with 2 or more wireless controllers shows all game pads on the console ring of light
  • Starting DVD playback with a mix of wired and wireless controllers now shows all game pads on the console ring of light
  • System Update Message in Russian properly formatted


  • Added CHT language support to video players
  • Improved accuracy of tray state when ejecting multiple times
  • Improved robustness when ejecting discs from external HD-DVD drive

Family Settings

  • Added Family Play Timer Feature
  • Improved handling for resetting parental controls to default

Font Support

  • Added support for Virtual Keyboard and IME for Simplified Chinese
  • Improved CHT (Traditional Chinese) font support for game achievements
  • Gamer Profile
  • Dates and Times support region specific attributes


  • Improved handling of AVMUTE for HDMI
  • Improved handling of CEA861 mode for HDMI
  • Improved handling of flashing during on/off mode changes
  • Improved handling of Standby-3 mode for HDMI


  • Added IME indicator for Messenger Conversations
  • Added support for F9 and F10 in Virtual Keyboards
  • Added support for Polish and Russian USB Keyboards
  • Improved Chatpad support for Korean Language
  • Improved handling of Caps Lock for JPN USB keyboards
  • Improved IME Japan Keyboards in Xbox Guide
  • Improved overall IME Self Learning support
  • Improved support for USB Keyboard with System UI Message displays
  • No longer show keyboard results when entering password via Chatpad or USB Keyboard
  • Removed extra ‘@’ from CHT Virtual Keyboard


  • Added "Featured Items" as a top level section of Marketplace
  • Added "Featured Trailers" and "Shorts" options within the Movies area of Video Marketplace
  • Added Accelerated List Scrolling to Marketplace
  • Added List wrapping to Top Download lists in Marketplace
  • Added prefetching support for off-screen thumbnail images in Marketplace list views
  • Added support for "New Arrivals" area within Marketplace for all catalog content types
  • Added support for "Spotlight" area within Marketplace
  • Added support for displaying audio support in top level UI for videos on Marketplace
  • Added support for displaying Marketplace video previews in Full Screen mode (newly added files are encoded at higher bitrate, existing previews remain encoded at low bitrate)
  • Added support for multiple previews (varying languages) for International Video Marketplace (this is content provider dependent)
  • Added support for renting Movies in several international countries
  • Added support to Browse, Purchase, Download and play Xbox Original Games
  • Added support to cache metadata information for off-line usage in Media Blade library scenes
  • Added support to Play Now from Marketplace storefront for items already downloaded
  • Added support to prefetch off-screen thumbnails in Video Store
  • Added support to send actionable Marketplace recommendations to Friends for Arcade games
  • Added support to show audio language and subtitles for International Video Marketplace
  • Added Twist Control support for navigation and sorting
  • Allow Banner Messages to link to Arcade Titles
  • Changed "Media and Entertainment" to "Video Store"
  • Improved error handling for corrupt video content
  • Improved localization text for Belgium Profiles with Netherlands Marketplace
  • Improved robustness when service returns incorrect number of items when viewing Download History
  • Improved support of Parental Ratings with Arcade recommendations
  • Improved text for cases where License is not available for purchased video content
  • Improved text messaging for playing rental movies on consoles other than the console purchased with
  • Improved User Experience for Credit Card scenes in Russian
  • List wrapping functionality identical now between Media blade and Marketplace blade lists
  • More robust error handling for Add Points dialog page
  • TV Series on Marketplace now navigate directly to episode list instead of Season1
  • Unrated Titles now display ratings as "Rating: Pending or Unrated"

Media – All

  • Added more user friendly text for various error related messages
  • Added Shortcut keys from Remote Control: Pressing Play on a Video/Song/Picture will immediately start playback of that item from the list (pressing Start from gamepad does the same thing)
  • Added support for Album/Video artwork larger than 500kb
  • Added support to enumerate metadata in the background and not just when selected by the user
  • Added support to make sort options sticky across console reboots
  • Added support to show all available Media Sharing Servers on the local network and allow automatic re-affiliation
  • Automatically delete older versions of Optional Media Update package when new ones are downloaded
  • Improved consistency in storage naming across all areas
  • Improved performance for displaying Album Art when connected to remote sources
  • Improved text messaging when connection to PC is lost when streaming Music/Photo or videos

Media – Music

  • Added support for CD Playback from music area in Xbox 360 Guide area
  • Added support for listing multiple computer sources in Xbox Guide music sources
  • Added support for Y button to toggle full screen on and off for music visualizer
  • Disable ‘play all’ button when folders only contains playlists (with no audio files)
  • Disable Y button when no list items selected in Music player
  • Improved device support for new iPods (classic and 3rd gen Nano) – iPhone and iPod touch are not supported
  • Improved error handling for mixed encoded playlists (aac,mp3,wma)
  • Improved handling for MTP Music devices with >200k entries
  • Improved handling of game background music after playing videos in Dashboard
  • Improved handling of music playback over games (if music source terminates or has errors, background music returns to game background)
  • Improved performance for "Play All" with attached MTP devices
  • Improved performance of music enumeration via Guide
  • Improved robustness when playing back HFS+ formatted iPods
  • Improved support for returning to game background audio when user’s music player session terminates
  • Improved support for scrolling song lists while listening to music during game playback
  • Improved support when ejecting game disc while selecting music source through Guide

Media – Pics

  • Added support to display PNG files when streamed from Windows Media Player 11 on Vista
  • Improved enumeration for PTP cameras including Cannon Powershot SD 630 and Apple Iphone
  • Improved playback performance of "Play All" when PC source has 1000s of photos and subdirectories
  • Support Folder view of Photos from MTP Portable Devices

Media – Video

  • Added 2 line support for entries in the Video Area of the Media Blade
  • Added ability to recognize Colorspace attribute for Video Marketplace Content
  • Added fade in transition for start of video playback
  • Added full screen buffering animation for streaming videos from Xbox LIVE
  • Added Suggestions scene for Video Library area in Media blade of the Dashboard
  • Added support for 16x Fast-forward/Rewind
  • Added support for AC3 embedded audio (see video faq for full information)
  • Added support for enumeration of video files from Zune 2.0 devices
  • Added support for Left Shoulder button on controller to chapter skip backward
  • Added support for Left Trigger button on controller to rewind
  • Added support for moving past the point user has viewed when doing progressive downloads of Video Marketplace videos
  • Added support for MP3 embedded audio (see video faq for full information)
  • Added support for Mpeg-4 part 2 video files in AVI containers
  • Added support for Right Shoulder button on controller to chapter skip forward
  • Added support for Right Trigger button on controller to fast forward
  • Added support for Zune Podcast video playback from Zune device
  • Added support to display metadata and thumbnails embedded in video files
  • Added support to enumerate .divx video files
  • Added support to group TV shows by Series in Video Library of Media Blade
  • Added support to group Video and Game Trailers into same area of Video Library of Media Blade
  • Added support to sort Movies or TV Shows by Title or Download date in Video Library of Media Blade
  • Added top level support to show expired or soon to expire information for purchased movies from Video Marketplace in Media Blade
  • Improve support for "Play Now" calculations with ISP that boost download for the first 20MB of a file
  • Improved accuracy of bookmark positions when video player abnormally ends
  • Improved accuracy of download progress bar after chapter skipping operations
  • Improved auto resizing experience for small (under 100×100) video files
  • Improved Bookmark / Resume experience with 60fps Interlaced WMV videos
  • Improved bookmark support while progressively downloading videos from Marketplace
  • Improved calculations for "Play Now" for Video Marketplace downloads
  • Improved deinterlacer support for video playback
  • Improved enumeration speed for user-generated video content in Media Blade
  • Improved error message support when playing back video files without valid licenses
  • Improved error message support when pulling USB drive while playing back video files
  • Improved handling for USB memory stick removal while on Video device selection list in Media blade
  • Improved handling of video playback when transitioning from 4x FF to Play with MP4 video files
  • Improved handling of WMV bookmarks when rewinding and shutting down video player
  • Improved info pane timer when playing back DRM’s WMV content from Windows Media Player 11 from Windows PC
  • Improved message support for progressive video playback
  • Improved overall UI, content descriptions and navigation of Video Library of Media Blade
  • Improved performance during Fast Forward to Playback transition when playing back MP4 content
  • Improved performance for buffering and playback of streaming videos from Xbox LIVE
  • Improved performance for low bandwidth streaming of MP4 videos from Zune PC software v1.0
  • Improved performance of skip forward/backward with WMV video files
  • Improved performance of trick modes when streaming videos from Zune PC client
  • Improved performance of WMV playback for WMV7 & WMV8 encoded video files
  • Improved playback experience after extended pauses of video files from Marketplace
  • Improved playback experience when resuming from a stopped/paused state
  • Improved playback performance for h264 720p .MOV files
  • Improved playback performance with 1920×1080 MP4 files
  • Improved playback performance with 5Mb h264 encoded video files
  • Improved playback performance with 60fps 720×480 MP4 content
  • Improved playback performance with h264 files in .m4v containers
  • Improved quality for upscaled user videos when played back full screen
  • Improved quality of MP4 decoder: Global Motion Compensation and VMX optimizations
  • Improved quality of MP4 decoder: improved Interlaced Support
  • Improved quality of MP4 decoder: Out of order frame output, bidirectional motion vector handling, etc.
  • Improved quality with non-square pixel video files
  • Improved responsiveness of trick mode controls for video playback
  • Improved robustness during chapter skipping of h264 video files
  • Improved robustness for streaming problematic video files from Zune PC Software 1.0 or Windows Media Player 11
  • Improved robustness of video player when playback catches up to downloads in progressive playback scenarios
  • Improved robustness of video streaming when network congestion / stalls occur
  • Improved robustness when closing video player after attempting to play a video file that would not open
  • Improved robustness when entering and exiting video playback on a portable device repeatedly
  • Improved robustness when exiting video files encoded in h264 and playing back from attached USB HDD
  • Improved robustness when playing back Mp4 video with consecutive bad aac samples encoded into it
  • Improved robustness when shutting down console during h264 video playback
  • Improved robustness when trying to play a video recently moved from MU to HDD or vice versa
  • Improved robustness with video player when exiting player via Xbox Guide button -> Y
  • Improved support for AAC-LC 2 channel encoded audio in MP4 video files
  • Improved support for chapter skipping during progressive downloads of Marketplace Video content
  • Improved support for MP4 video files with discontinuous time stamps encoded in
  • Improved support for MP4 video playback from burned optical dvd-r’s
  • Improved support for resuming downloaded videos after reaching end of an uncompleted download
  • Improved support for resuming partially downloaded videos from Marketplace
  • Improved support for using Big Button controller during video playback
  • Improved support for Video bookmarks when playing MP4 videos from USB portable hard drives
  • Improved sync of video display and info pane display when rewinding
  • Improved text for Windows Media Center setup instructions
  • Improved Trick mode support when streaming videos with AAC embedded audio
  • Improved video performance for 60fps interlaced WMV videos
  • Improved Video performance with 15Mbs 1080i 24fps WMV video files
  • Improved video playback for Fast-forward and immediate exit usage with h264 video files
  • Improved video playback of MP4 content from Zune PC Software v1.0
  • Improved video playback when source content has incorrect sync samples encoded
  • Improved video quality for SD Composite AV pack displays of the on-screen display for video controls
  • Improved video support for chapter skipping of MP4 videos
  • Improved Videotrick mode support with 24fps 1080i WMV video files
  • Improved visual display of WMV video files while rewinding
  • Improved WMV Playback performance for 60fps and 1080i 30fps videos
  • Improved WMV7 performance with VLC encoded content
  • Removed occasional purple flickers in video playback when transitioning between FF and RW
  • Removed potential 9 second delay when rewinding WMV video files


  • Removal of stale Xbox 1 Team Recruit Messages from Xbox 360 Message Center


  • Added "Invite Friends" scene after Messenger/Windows Live ID switching dialog
  • Added localization support for "<user> has joined conversation" in Messenger
  • Added messenger notification to Private Chat
  • Added support for adding contacts via Windows Live ID from Xbox 360 console
  • Added support for child accounts (ages 13 through 17)
  • Added support for dual platform invites / text messages to PC client
  • Added support for IME in Chatpad overlay
  • Added support to send game invite to Messenger Contact from Xbox 360
  • Display Signin option instead of Join Xbox LIVE when accessing messenger from a signed out profile
  • Improved handling of transitions between messenger conversations and personal profiles
  • Improved localization text for Spanish, Portuguese and Russian in Chat and IM dialogs
  • Improved online status reporting with accounts that have passcodes set
  • Improved performance of buddy list enumeration
  • Improved performance with greater than 250 contacts
  • Improved performance with Messenger and large lists
  • Improved support for sending multiple friends requests from messenger contact dialog
  • Improved support for signing up for Messenger on 2nd signed in profiles
  • Improved sync performance between buddies and gamertag friends during login
  • Improved text message for blocking Windows Live ID Child accounts
  • Improved visual display of Up/Down arrows on Select Contacts scene
  • No longer displaying ‘??’ when Kanji characters are used in Messenger Display Names
  • Nudges from messenger now translated into rumble notifications on controller during game/movie playback
  • Remove flash of LED on controller when Chatpad keyboard is invoked
  • Removed 2nd notification when connection to LIVE and signed into Messenger
  • Updated icons for Messenger in Private Chat area


  • Added fade out transition when powering down console
  • Added support for browsing XNA games within the Games blade
  • Added support for video playback from UDFS formatted USB devices
  • Added support for XNA Game Studio Express V.2
  • Added support to connect to Apple Extreme routers in 802.11a/n mode
  • Added support to pause background downloads when streaming full screen videos or ads
  • Added support to retrieve game thumbnail directly from XNA game package
  • Added system wide support for Simplified Chinese language
  • Added text to explain flashing LED in the Ring of Light during background download low power mode
  • Addressed rare case where game disc would spin in the DVD drive while playing HD-DVD Movie in external HD-DVD drive
  • Disable Optical audio output when in low power background download mode
  • DVD player no longer converts to YCbCr709 when output is over HDMI
  • Improved auto sign-in to Xbox LIVE with Xbox 360 Wireless Adapter
  • Improved clock accuracy for S/PDIF optical streams
  • Improved compatibility with NEC WR8400N WiFi routers
  • Improved download speeds when in low power background download mode
  • Improved DVD Tray State notifications immediately after application of System Update
  • Improved Forced Aspect Ratio Changes via HDMI output (including DVI)
  • Improved handling when ejecting game disc during game start
  • Improved handling when removing MU after sending Arcade game recommendation to friend
  • Improved localization text for Wifi setup in German
  • Improved performance for Game Titles to reboot in backcompat scenarios
  • Improved performance of Xbox Guide during Messenger signin
  • Improved robustness when ejecting game disc when prompted for game title update
  • Improved robustness when inserting two MU’s at the same time on the device selector scene
  • Improved support for 3rd Party Controllers
  • Improved support for Buffalo WiFi routers
  • Improved support for Creston AV receivers with HDMI
  • Improved support for JPN Corega CG-BARFX network router
  • Improved support for signing into Xbox LIVE with Big Button Controller
  • Improved support for starting console with Big Button Controller when console is charging attached Wireless Controllers
  • Improved Xbox guide performance ~2x
  • Removed "Windows-based PC" from Computers area in Systems blade
  • Removed option to "Turn off Controller" when using Big Button Controller
  • Resync the Ring of Light pattern to the boot audio/animation
  • Updated copyright dates for 2007


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