Replacements: out of stock

It’s a nightmare-come-true for every gamer if the object of desire is out of stock, be it a game title, accessory or console. While hot items like limited numbers of the Xbox 360 Elite are difficult to come by, in Hong Kong it recently has become a nightmare beyond imagination once the console dies (Red Ring Of Death) – which happens way too frequent, with some gamers having their console already replaced five times and more.

In case the console dies, there’s no way to get it back to work and it must be replaced by returning it to the local customer center. However, there are so many Xbox consoles dying that the customer support can’t keep up with the demand. Replacement appointments are now as much as one month delayed and it’s rather becoming worse than better. How lucky those gamers who got another console, even it would mean going back to Xbox 1.

The console’s hardware failures were long time ignored by Microsoft until eventually it had to come public and announced an international warranty extension to three years which would also affect all consoles sold previous to that announcement. Microsoft billed this at 1 billion USD.


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