Re: The Only Way To F Up M$ Big This Time…..

Take any number of angry gamers and deduct the number of gamers happy after they got their disc exchanged. Then deduct those who don’t care enough or whose anger fades, those who just buy another disc, and so on… Who’s left to take any action a week after it all happened? That’s how most things usually go and that’s what the companies know and what they include in their business strategy and calculations. This way, if you can determine the "safe distance" time factor between two problems, you could theoretically go on forever like that.

Who would come up and volunteer to do all the work needed to file a complaint? And then actually have the energy, courage and time to go through with it? The best approach would be to leverage the gaming community’s demography and assemble a team of people from various backgrounds who are interested in this on their own (and not by convincing words of others or their interest will fade faster than you can say "Master Chief"). You can’t claim money; who would get it? I’m not sure if at all, and then how, HK handles class-action staff like the US does (an action brought by one or more individuals on behalf of themselves and "all others similarly situated").

Furthermore, you’d have to compile a strong list of claims which have to be proven; and then argue your case against whatever MS or whoever claims. Even just making a call to the Consumer Council would result in your story versus theirs so if you want real results of whatever kind, you better think carefully and make a plan with the right people.

The only alternative would be to play the numbers. If you can’t get one strong case, then just do hundreds or more small claims (by individual people). Flooding the Consumer Council in high numbers might do the trick as well.

{One of my posts at "香港 (Hong Kong) 地區 Xbox 討論區" dated "09-30-2007, 3:06AM"}


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