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With the Halo 3 crisis (Mandarin audio and lack of English) still ringing in everyone’s ears, BushPir8 suggested to put together a list of suggestions he’d then "be happy to discuss them with Chester and his crew".

Taking up his invitation, I’ve created this new thread and hope we can collect useful and reasonable suggestions and recommendations which then hopefully are presented to and actually read by people beyond moderator level.

We’ve done this in the past to not much success but I am willed to give it one more (and last) try. If the recent Halo 3 disaster didn’t catch the officials’ attention, then nothing will ever do. Selling stuff involves customers and their opinion; no matter how hard they seem trying to ignore that fact.

Everyone’s contributions to this thread are welcome but please stay in the realm of reality. Shouting in oversized fonts for certain people to get fired will not get any result whatsoever. We need to show intelligence and consistency; it’s not enough to behave like bees who only buzz around a short while when their hive (in this case our dream, hope and expectation) was shattered once more.

Post your suggestions, recommendations and comments about everything Xbox and Hong Kong. It could be about past experiences, present problems, future expectations; it doesn’t matter it is Xbox (1) or Xbox 360. One can always learn from the past.

Back at my home, the saying goes that a good donkey only gets hurt once (the same way) but in Hong Kong it’s both MS and the consumers (please forgive me for speaking that out loud) who still have to learn. While MS continues to make (often the same) mistakes, the consumers continue to basically accept whatever is thrown their way. It’s just a matter of time until everyone who got the Halo 3 disc exchanged will forget about it and live happily every after … until the next crisis following a similar storyline. It has been pointed out before that HK in particular can be very accepting and quiet in such matters whereas in the US for example, this would edge on a national crisis (scale). Maybe there is too much business freedom in HK, in the EU this would land them in some penalty again.

So let’s show them that we gamers are not only unhappy how things are run but also that we have a certain interest and desire which they so greatly fail to understand. Most importantly, we are not just accepting it or shouting around for a few days, but we do have the will and courage to take up the fight one more time: the fight to get our voice heard while we are still typing from a computer. Who knows what would be next…

{One of my posts at "香港 (Hong Kong) 地區 Xbox 討論區" dated "09-29-2007, 9:28PM"}


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