Re: 應該推出”外置專用散熱扇”,壞機部部都係玩得耐過熱!

If shutting down the console prior to be cooled off enough would be the reason for at least a big part of all Xbox 360 deaths (3 red lights), the solution would be almost too simple:

  • Since nobody ever unplugs any electronic devices from the powergrid after use anyways, why not keep the fans running after switching off? Just like cars do it: if too hot, the cooling fan will continue for a while.
  • Would be so easy to achieve in the console since it’s on standby and thus still sucking power anyways. A sensor could monitor the core temperature of whatever part is the most fragile and keep blowing until it’s within safe parameters.
  • A dashboard option could turn this function off (to satisfy those who insist on) but since that would be logged in the system, the warranty could be voided if damage happens because the "after-cooling" was disabled.

Comparing the frequent console exchanges versus a bit of fan noise, I am sure people would prefer the fan option.

{One of my posts at "香港 (Hong Kong) 地區 Xbox 討論區" dated "06-06-2007, 10:10PM"}


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