Wrong ad

A visit to 360voice.com turned up an ad for a Wii give-away by GameFly.

2 Responses to Wrong ad

  1. John says:

    I dunno, I run that site and wouldn\’t call it a wrong ad. It has been proven that the Nintendo Wii and the Xbox really aren\’t competing that directly and are attacking different gaming philosophies and audiences.Now if it was a PS3 ad, that would be a different thing! ;)-Trapper

  2. Andre says:

    I intended to point to the irony of seeing an Xbox site running a Wii ad; that\’s pretty funny if you got a sense of humor. I even would laugh at a PS ad. Reminds me somehow about the Apple/PC advertisements. I myself consider to get a Wii some day.
    The ad was "wrong" such as you turn up in the wrong dress for the party, nevertheless you can still enjoy it 🙂

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