Xbox + Peak = Volcano?

If you put a batch of Xbox 360 on The Peak (in Hong Kong), what do you get? Well, let’s take a closer look. We have a mountain, we have fire (overheating Xbox consoles which would set the place on fire if there wouldn’t be the overheat self-shutdown, lots of tourists, view to the ocean… hey, that’s just like Hawaii!

If you’ve recently been to the Peak, you likely have noticed the "EA Experience":
"A virtual world where gamers and non-gamers can play and purchase the latest editions of EA games in an innovative and inspiring environment."

They got lots of EA game titles, lots of big screens and consoles (Xbox, PC…), and you can roam around and play. If you are looking for Xbox 360 consoles however, good luck.

Visiting today, I noticed the prominently featured (and only) Xbox 360 consoles in the gaming arena. I thought they are still putting the place together as there were several guys pulling wires, working on the console stands… A quick chat with a sales guy revealed that these are replacement units as the previous consoles all overheated.

You might think that if someone puts up the money for such a place, there would be enough thought to expect and prevent such well-known issues… what a shame and public humiliation. Well, guess it’s just one more on the every-growing list. But maybe it’s easier to blame EA this time. Why after all are they making Xbox games? haha…

To make matters worse:

  • The Peak is an international place with most games having "Asia only" stickers.
  • Also, I wonder how many "younger generation" customers will pass there when I look at the tour groups consisting mostly of either elder people, people from non-compatible console regions, or people who might buy the game if they would have the console, which however
    a) you cannot buy there and
    b) you cannot carry around when being a tourist on the Peak (and most tourists generally won’t have that much space and free weight in their return luggage anyway).

 {One of my posts at "香港 (Hong Kong) 地區 Xbox 討論區" dated "11-28-2006, 12:05AM"}

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