Re: XBOX360 wireless router setup problem


  • You say you "have to use (USB) to connect (…) and succeed to online":
    that means you must "login" with your computer to get online? Like using a username and password provided by your ISP (Internet Service Provider)?
  • If so (login), did you also set that in the Xbox network configuration?
  • You got a message "IP address failed": which device told you that when connecting to where?


  • If so (login), I suggest you do this setting in your router instead, then disable the login from your PC.
    This way, any device connected to the router can go online at the same time. So no need to switch off item A to go online with item B.
  • Please check with your Xbox wireless as well as the USB wireless for the configuration you can use:
    – wireless signal B, G, or mixed
    – encryption method (if any)
    – network setup matching your router (using DHCP or static IP and subnet mask…)
    Then create your desired configuration based on this information. You only can use the simplest common configuration (can’t use high encryption if one of the wireless devices only supports a simple one).


  • Did you visit the links I listed in my previous reply? There are network setup and configurations which might be the solution.
  • Even you just bought the router, go to the company’s web site (support section) and get the latest firmware. There are a number of routers which have problems with Xbox and other things, and the latest firmware will solve those problems and sometimes even add new features.
  • If you changed some settings and are not sure anymore what and where, it is best to reset the devices and start from scratch. Otherwise there might be a tiny setting somewhere which crashes the whole operation.

{One of my posts at "Xbox Live香港(Hong Kong)討論區" dated "11-08-2006, 11:25AM"}


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