Re: poor update game list in hong kong xbox. com

Something to defend MS HK is that the HK Xbox site doesn’t belong to MS HK just because it is for the HK market. I don’t know how things are lately, but some time ago it was not even MS HK doing any update to the site by themselves, but rather forwarding it to an overworked guy at US who then would copy/paste when he got time.

Blame it more on the internal structuring of how things work and information flow. Sure, of course it is MS HK who should see what action can be done, but then again they can’t play against themselves (MS). Consider it a best example of bad internal management of an entire product line. Their best defence so far was "blame it on other department/branch", "lack of funding", "lack of staff" and "that’s the way it is / that’s how the rules are".

If they can’t get their own news out on an updated site, they could easily create a blog or post it in a forum or whatever. How many MS departments, products and services have their own (personal) web sites and pages? Recently, there’s a surge in such. Not even to mention the US Xbox guys.

But that would be a violation against a number of internal rules and regulations. And who would do such job anyway as not paid for doing it? And it can’t be a non-MS staff either due to the endless confidentiality agreements. And even if MS HK would do it on their own, if ever one wrong information was leaked, you can easily imagine the A-bomb sent by – not the regional Singapore but – global and central Xbox headquarter in US.

So unless there’s a fundamental change in their Xbox procedures, don’t expect much to change.
"People buy the consoles and games anyway, so what’s the matter.. why do the trouble if it works as it does…?"
… MS World – abandon logic to enter …

They may have some reasons but sometimes they would do better by just doing anything to improve things; rather than coming up with endless reviews, consultations, statistics, polls, surveys, more results of you name it, and so on… They are slower and more complicated in moving ahead than any government; it’s a pity.

Conclusion: Look around, about all other Xbox countries don’t have such problems so why bother for tiny market HK where a large number of customers are from non-HK markets anyway?

{One of my posts at "Xbox Live香港(Hong Kong)討論區" dated "11-02-2006, 01:20AM"}

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