Re: poor update game list in hong kong xbox. com

It’s an ongoing problem since ever and little chance of change if they still handle it the same way as they did in the past. Rather than HK doing the site, it all passes through a central unit in US uploading the occasional text/translation sent from HK. Easy to figure out this is a bad setup but as already pointed out by other people, the question "is HK worth it" remains dominant.

The whole Xbox HK thing is merely half-baked, be it lack of resources, available data (don’t blame MS for just everything, there are also lots of other publishers who leave the distributers (and they then of course the shops) in the dark), very bad public information service, and so on… If there’s an official event, it’s not even mentioned in the forums, often not on the site, how many times it was a failure in planning/setup, and not to mention failure of learning from the past and public feedback. Communication is terrible, public support and appreciation worse, and the list goes on.

There certainly are reasons which actually may make sense, and not all is known to us though we complain, but it’s mostly "the little things" which could be improved without additional resources but which are obviously not, that matter.

{One of my posts at "Xbox Live香港(Hong Kong)討論區" dated "10-27-2006, 10:17AM"}


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