Halo 4

… or how Hobbits got recruited for yet another battle with a ring.

I always knew there was something mystic about the 360 console’s "Ring of Death". However I would never have expected the Hobbits teaming up with Master Chief to fight it. At least I hope they are not going to defend it.

After the movies and Oscars of the Lord of the Rings story which already spawned several games, director Peter Jackson will team up with Microsoft "to create exclusive video games with advanced capabilities for Microsoft’s Xbox 360 console.

Academy Award winner Jackson will set up Wingnut Interactive with Microsoft to create two “interactive entertainment series,” with features that Jackson will define, Microsoft Vice President Jeff Bell said in an interview. Jackson’s first project will be a series based on the top-selling Xbox franchise, the “Halo” alien-shooting game. “It will be more dynamic than typical video games, with new features,” Bell said. “You’re not going to watch it and you’re not going to play it like a traditional video game. It’s going to be a new form.”

Fran Walsh, the “Lord of the Rings” screenwriter and Jackson’s wife, is also involved in the partnership. Jackson and Walsh are already signed on to produce a “Halo” movie for Universal Pictures."

Full article here…

It seems Peter Jackson is going to be the next hero in the Xbox universe if he can actually come up with what he announces. Lots of great game promises were made before and had to be cut severely (Fable anyone?). Halo movie, Halo games… if that all comes from one director, it carries a certain potential of being disliked by all those who don’t like the director’s style. I only can wish this is going to work out nice and I don’t mind shooting or teaming up with some Hobbits in a Halo Easter Egg level

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