Re: 終於到我壞機!!!!!!!!三紅燈..Ring Of The Death!!

Turn it counter-clockwise 2-3 times? What else should one do? A Voodoo dance? Or is there any deeper meaning to that? Though the other actions are all a good general advice for any problem with the console.

{One of my posts at "香港 (Hong Kong) 地區 Xbox 討論區" dated "09-03-2006, 2:37AM"}

CJ1963 wrote:
"May be not yet Dead.
Try this.>>>>>> Take out any Game discs. Unplug EVERYTHING. Hardrive, MU, Controllers and Power supply.
Now! Take your 360 hold it with your hand’S, 2 hands. Turn it counter clorkwise, 2, 3 turns will do. You will hear noise from within the unit. NO worry. It’s normal.
Leave it over night. Then Reconent everything, But without the Hardrive or MU. Try start it. If it’s good. Shut it down. put the hardrive on it and start it again.
If the above is not good after. And still have red lights. Take it to MS and let them fix.
You can easily to get you 360 to tell you which part it’s not working, But it will take a few more steps."

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