Re: 如果沒用指定 ISP ( 譬如:綱上行), 我係用有線寬頻 , 請問點樣上倒 xbox live ?

I am a bit confused now how the topic develops. Rather than simplifing and concluding the topic, it seems to open more issues instead. Let me try to sort out and summarize it:

  • Certain hardware (routers, hubs…) have compatibility issues with Live (see MS’ hardware compatibility list).
  • This hardware compatibility list however does not include all available hardware and in fact leaves out some important models in certain regions. Example: router models which replace the ISP-provided boxes entirely and are hooked directly to the analog or digital (phone, not cable) line to establish the broadband connection. The list is good enough to get a router hooked up to the ISP-provided modem and keep a network-wide shared connection alive.
  • Routers are generally required by those who don’t want to use their pc to share the connection or connect the console individually (either console or pc goes online) and who need do "dial-up" / login to establish the connection.
  • In case the ISP-provided modem doesn’t require a login by the attached device, a simple hub may as well do the job of sharing the connection (just multiplying the port).

Rather than always warming up the same topics again and still new gamers come with the same questions, why don’t we just put up a list of our own setups and configurations? We got several providers in HK with various broadband offers, so I think it would be extremely useful to share our own network setup with others so people would just have to compare their situation with those published here.

I have started a new thread called "What is your network setup?" where I also publish various network setups I personally use. Please feel free to contribute your own experiences.

{One of my posts at "Xbox Live香港(Hong Kong)討論區" dated "07-07-2006, 4:18AM"}


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