Re: Anybody knows whether i-CABLE will become one of the XBOX LIVE Compatible ISPs later?

Did you try to hook up your console the same way you did with your pc? Does your pc require a login procedure or is your connection set by the modem? From my own cable and phone line experiences – locally and overseas – there is no setup required for most cable connections in contrast to phone lines.

Generally, the console supports most login procedures for as long as there is no software required to be installed on your pc. For required logins, enter the information in your console’s network connection menu and that’s it. If nothing requried, plugin and that’s it.

If your problems persist, please be more specific about your situation like what you use how. Also, it would be helpful to add how you intend to use the equipment in the future (extend…) so as to include that in your current planning as well.

If you have a standard modem with just one LAN (network) port to connect your pc, then you generally have these options:

  • Troublesome:
    – switch cable connected to the single modem port for pc or console use
    – add another network card to your pc to share the connection with your console (techie)
  • Simple:
    – Add a router to the modem which comes with at least 4 ports to connect your pc, console and anything else supporting LAN cables as well as wireless (if you choose such router model).
    – If login required, then the router will do that for you and share the connection with everything connected to it.
    – If no login required, then just tell the router what connection type you use (see router manual).

If you have a modem with more than one LAN port, you may either have a router already (please reply with the model name/number to check on that) or a lousy modem like those Netvigator boxes which allow local home networking with 4 LAN ports but only one device connecting to the Internet due to the login requirement (whereas a real router allows every attached device to connect to the Internet).

In case you got lost with the terms router, modem…:

  • Modem
    The device establishing the connection to the Internet; you could say "dial-up".
  • Hub
    A device with more than one LAN port allowing multiple devices to connect to each other and thus building the LAN (Local Area Network). A hub cannot connect to the Internet like a modem does.
  • Router
    Combination of Modem and Hub. A router connects to the Internet with the build-in modem and thus establishes the connection between LAN and Internet. The build-in hub then shares the Internet connection with every attached device so no other (than the router) device has to handle the login anymore. A router also can keep a connection alive forever which makes you feel you have a dedicated line (always on).

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