Re: Media connect question !

No matter what firewall in use, try first to connect once without the firewall. Then you already know if it is a firewall problem or not. If you use Windows XP with Service Pack 2 and have diabled your non-MS firewall and it still doesn’t work, you most likely may have a network setup problem (extensively covered in this forum) or Windows Firewall still running in the background.

If so, go to the Windows Firewall menu in Start > Settings > Control Panel and either disable or add any program you wish to configure to the Exceptions list. There you can modify connection settings for each program.

Learn more about Windows Firewall here:

Please note that Windows Firewall is part of Windows XP Service Pack 2, therefore if you are not yet running Service Pack 2 (old XP version which you didn’t update) and still have problems despite no other firewall being installed or active, then you have a network setup problem.

Windows Firewall can be quite clumsy in adding new applications whereas other programs like Norton’s are very active in monitoring and adding either automatically (if that feature is turned on (by default) and you try to connect a known application) or ask you what to do upon first-time networking attempt by a new application. My personal recommendation would be to disable Windows Firewall and get Norton; it’s way more secure and certainly more efficient. MS’ security programs are still in their early days, give them some time to develop (same goes for their anti-virus program).

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