Re: What is it with console names?

Maybe the ‘360’ in Xbox 360 somehow refers to its temperature?

  • It is 360 C/F (pick your preference) hot inside.
  • It heats up its environment by 360 C/F.
  • It generally is a ‘hot’ machine (be it temperature or image/style).
  • There are 360 ways (necessary) to cool it down.
  • It is the revision number of the first batch which didn’t entirely melt.
  • It is the amount of minutes you can play on average before the Ring of Light* visits you.
  • Designers came up with 360 unsuccessful ways of cooling.
  • The 360th way of cooling was the first one passing the testing (did they test in a polar environment?).
  • 360 degrees describes a circle; that’s the same what you experience with a newly purchased console:
    You go home and it dies, you turn around 180° back to the shop, get a new one, turn around again 180° to go home again.
  • If you experience 360 faulty consoles, you get one next-next-generation (3rd) for free (after 360 returns, enough time should have passed to be at least in the 3rd generation console ages).
  • There are 360 jokes about the console. **

* Somehow the Ring of Light has a lot in common with the Grim Reaper. You don’t want to meet them and if you do, it’s usually the last thing you see alive. Another name would be "Ring of Death".
** Example: "Faulty consoles", 3rd reply in thread "where u buy your XBOX 360 and have problems?".

{One of my posts at "香港 (Hong Kong) 地區 Xbox 討論區" dated "06-01-2006, 9:19PM"}

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