Re: XboX 360 睇DVD問題

Any nowadays’ DVD player for as cheap as one Xbox game comes with tons of features I never even use, plenty of output and input connections and support for various video formats which makes every console jealous.

A console has DVD support for (in-)game clips, bonus material like making-off clips if you finish levels etc… That you can use the console to play movies on ordinary DVDs is just a feature already included and still sold as a special, must-have gadget.

It’s interesting to see that on one side, the console is not taking advantage of the build-in DVD player at all, and on the other side, by exactly this non-action, keeps the DVD player market selling (what gamer would buy an additional DVD player if all features would be included in the console?). But then again, one may wonder why the console – applauded as the future center of the home entertainment – does not do more to honestly earn that title.

I guess the next generation of consoles (Xbox 3…) will allow hardware plugins so we only buy the motherboard with graphic unit and basic fan, to be upgraded with various cooling options, DVD formats, maybe other hardware like IPTV module and so on. But then again, summing up those costs, I guess I will stick to my 5 years old DVD player which has more features I never use than the latest mobile phone, use the ISP’s free IPTV box and just spend additional money on cooling the basic console.

Better a room full of hardware (sort of a redundant system) than only one hardware which kills the entire home entertainment if a problem occurs. And after all, I love to simulate a night sky with its myriad of stars in my living room, just by turning on some devices and mute them.

{One of my posts at "香港 (Hong Kong) 地區 Xbox 討論區" dated "05-23-2006, 7:32AM"}


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