Re: where u buy your XBOX 360 and have problems?

Anyone up to publish some guesses?

I wonder what happens to the thousands of consoles returned:

  • They are used to replace other damaged units (trade).
  • They are used by power plants for coal replacement (they apparantly produce more heat than they consume power).
  • They are used in waste recycling centers to burn remaining, unusable waste by their heat.
  • They are used to dry clothes.
  • They are used to heat spa centers.
  • They are used to train athletes for the Marathon du Sable (desert marathon).
  • They are used as heaters by scientists in the Antarctic.
  • They are used by anger management therapy groups.
  • They are used to fill up volcanoes and prevent them from errupting again.
  • They are used as confetti replacement in US main street parades.
  • They are used as example on bad design by MIT and any Indian tech school.
  • They are used to fill up Victoria Harbour.
  • They are used as water boilers.
  • They are used by (fill in your preferred bad guy) as dummies for heat-sensing rockets.

I wonder why so many faulty consoles were made in the first place:

  • They give a reason of existence to the entire list above.
  • They keep the economy growing by spending more money on production.
  • They keep thousands of people returning day by day to their job making more faulty units.
  • They give a reason of existence to the Support department.
  • They keep people talking about the console (apparantly, only thing important is "that" you talk, not "what" you talk).
  • They have a deal with the tranquilizer industry (how many pills and juices did you take today?).
  • They don’t make Nintendo look so bad after all.
  • They would break a nature’s law if they would be the first item without flaws by MS.
  • They have a friendship deal not to be too harsh with Sony which would have a heart attack if MS would be faster "and" better.
  • They are the main program content of an entire master degree at MIT and any Indian tech school on how "not" to do it.
  • They are the result of a design competition for secondary school.
  • They are the result of a design by an evil Sony agent who infiltrated MS.
  • They are in real a hot air oven with the wrong package.
  • They are the result of a failed attempt by MS to enter the heater market for polar regions.
  • They are the result of and boosting the electricity industry.
  • They are a nuisance you cannot escape; same as the school bully, the teacher, your wife/husband or your boss.

{One of my posts at "香港 (Hong Kong) 地區 Xbox 討論區" dated "05-23-2006, 8:26AM"}

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