Re: A poll: Will you guys buy PS3 if you have already bought 360?

One of my posts at "香港 (Hong Kong) 地區 Xbox 討論區" dated "05-18-2006, 9:47PM":

Apart from the "exclusive to Japan" games – which as correctly pointed out by J.D.FU can be purchased in HK anyways – there are also those "exclusive to console" game titles. That list is shrinking with famous titles becoming increasingly available to more than one console.

Adding the critics about the old controller with new motion detection and its use (how many games will effectively use that function?) for PS3 and taking into account that neither console will ever max out its hardware, not to mention how few gamers will need the blue-ray disc for other-than-gaming purpose, in my personal opinion it boils down to a big part of decision making (what console you buy) being what personal preference you have.

Looking at the costs of PS3, only hardcore gamers or die-hard fans of certain games will go for 2 consoles. Who got the cash to spend 1000USD for 2 consoles, not yet including any game or other survival hardware (cooling unit for Xbox 360)? Who got the space to stack up consoles upon consoles? I already struggle with my flatmate for 2 consoles; I don’t want to imagine that with 3 or more. For the price of a PS3 I can buy a decent amplifier, or a nice set of speakers, take a trip to Europe, buy lots of games and so on. That is of course because I am an Xbox fan and won’t need a PS3 because lack of interest in itself and its game list.

In summary, I could imagine a Wii for the reasons given in another post (different target group and application), but generally I won’t go beyond Xbox. If I would have started with PS instead, I’m pretty sure I would stick with that line. It was Xbox that got me convinced to love consoles and that’s it.

I think the PS and Xbox lines are loosing on their own advantages and eventually will merge in terms of features and outstanding performances. The overall gaming experience will not be too different in the future unless they come up with new, innovative things. I don’t mind this at all. Similar competition is good for the development. If people have a choice which doesn’t depend on distinctive features (yet), the developers have to come up with new things. If people stick to something too distinctive, the development will also not be fluent but just something new and big from time to time. If both console lines are similar in their starting position, they both can improve by adding new features constantly and keep people interested until the next – big leap – console upgrade appears.

Think about consoles like you think about cars. All are the same in their basics and all provide you the same features. But why do you stick with one brand or model and not choosing another? Or, why do people have more than one vehicle (think about living out of town with enough space)? Because there are personal preferences and requirements where one model or line is better than another one.

Making purchase decisions on a product’s name alone is kinda childish; and also I think if I have to spend thousands of dollars for a new TV set just to enjoy the max video output quality of a console, then of course I don’t mind whatever console’s price if I have that cash. But unless a console is either the only thing in my life I plan to spend my money on, or is my only interest or such a hardcore hobby, it doesn’t make sense to buy a console which requires a new home theater set, which requires an air-con, which requires lots of power supply, which makes noise, takes up all space and eventually gets me kicked out by either my flatmate (nuisance) or landlord (made substantial changes to the house by installing everything and drilling holes and so on).

Everyone shall do as he/she likes, just my opinion here. I got an old TV which is good enough for both consoles. If it dies, I get a new, high-quality TV. I have a nice 5.1 surround which is already way too much in power (only can take full advantage at daytime) and that’s it. Do I loose out compared to others with high-end gear? I don’t think so. I win and loose in games and enjoy it a lot.

Whether you like it or not, but most decisions are NOT justified by a product’s technical specifications. You buy a PS3 because it is better than an Xbox 360. But does anyone of both takes full advantage of the hardware? You buy a BMW or Mercedes in Hong Kong but can you ever use even a fraction of its power? No (unless you drive on German highways which are the only ones in the world with default no-speed-limit). "Everyone his/her own console"


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