Re: A poll: Will you guys buy PS3 if you have already bought 360?

One of my posts at "香港 (Hong Kong) 地區 Xbox 討論區" dated "05-17-2006, 8:58PM":

Reading more news about Wii, I think for some light guest entertainment and general group fun, the Wii console would definately fit better than PS3. Lots of people not used to console handling quickly gave up with both game interest and how-to-use-controller learning.

If Wii follows their current path of developing for younger and older audience than the average PS and Xbox hardcore gamer, the Wii will eventually become the console of choice for those who so far didn’t want or couldn’t handle a console. Wii would make a good alternative to whatever else console you already use.

That’s at least what I experienced so far with friends and family. And don’t forget the prices.


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