Re: A poll: Will you guys buy PS3 if you have already bought 360?

I know for the heating problem of a fridge but it isn’t so sensitive about where the heat  goes. Fridges are often build into a wall with little space whereas the consoles need a fridge’s width space from a wall. Not to mention that any average modern fridge generates less noise than an ordinary computer fan (just referring to my 5 years old fridge (freezer included)). So… can’t be worse than 3 consoles next to each other in the open room

Let’s extend this poll to the Wii (is it "extend to Wii" or "extend to the Wii"?). Anyone up for buying that one as well?
It’s not such a bad device as they are largely targeting markets not covered yet as good as it could be by the other two consoles: girls, young and old(er) people. Those with a bigger family or where the family should share a game at home might opt for Nintendo (again/as well).


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