Re: Get 90nm or 65 nm CPU?

One of my posts at "Xbox Live香港(Hong Kong)討論區" dated "04-24-2006, 10:11PM":

I think it’s not necessary to wait that long to buy one’s first Xbox 360 because the benefit of waiting is too little.

The overheating is a well-known problem and plenty of suggestions on how to solve it can be found in this forum and throughout the Web. In addition, there are hardware solutions like (officially licensed) cooling fans and more (even water cooling for the hardcore fans (requires modding which is not supported by MS)).

If you are close to the new CPU release date to make a purchase, sure you can wait. But I don’t think many will wait for a year unless purchasing the console is a decision same as buying a new chair (can always wait for the next Ikea catalog to arrive).

Another problem will be to determine which console has the old and which console has the new CPU. There won’t be labels on the box saying "With new CPU" or "Version 2.1" and the old unsold ones won’t be called back. Only empty stocks will be refilled with new ones so the old ones would be sold for as long as there are some left.

A better reason to wait with a purchase would be the price which becomes more attractive over time, such as discounts, packages with hardware/games bundled and the gradual price fall. But given that HK is already the cheapest price globally, that shouldn’t be a big issue either. For example, local games are half of those in Western.


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