Re: Get 90nm or 65 nm CPU?

One of my posts at "Xbox Live香港(Hong Kong)討論區" dated "04-23-2006, 10:13AM":

While the hot air blown out of the console comes from the inside, one also has to take into account that the power supply is a source of many deaths as well. With a good cooling (air-con, fan, open-space location…) the console should be happy.

The new 65nm chips will consume less power and thus produce less heat, but it won’t be that much difference so you could throw away the cooling fans yet. Not to mention that the new chips won’t arrive until 2007 which is still a long time to go. Can you wait that long to get your 360?

Also some bad news for those hoping to get a performance boost with the new chips: While technically they could be faster, Microsoft ensures they will be same as the old ones.

  • Press Release – April 20, 2006
    (Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing)

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