Re: 傳說”N3″中文行版會有中文配音…..不會是真吧………

One of my posts at "香港 (Hong Kong) 地區 Xbox 討論區" dated "04-22-2006, 7:28PM":

When 360 games are in chinese and chinese voice overs, I’m selling my 360, its stupid enough just coz you live in hong kong, dont mean you can read chinese, but when you edit your gamertag, boy your screwed if you cant read chinese you cant change your account stuff…

A Chinese game in this topic would mean that it has an "additional" language to choose from; not that it is solely in Chinese.

If you don’t understand Chinese, you won’t put your dashboard into Chinese and hence the auto-language feature won’t sense Chinese as a preferred setting for your game.

The only language pre-setting problem so far with 360 is the account management page where you enter your credit card; and that’s an acknowledged problem:

In fact, if a game would come in a localized version, it would at least guarantee it actually works on the local console; no matter what code label:

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