Re: xbox 360聽音樂問題!

One of my posts at "香港 (Hong Kong) 地區 Xbox 討論區" dated "04-16-2006, 7:25PM":

You can play music from your portable device during gameplay.

Play Music from a Portable Audio Player in Place of a Game’s Soundtrack

Games all have music soundtracks which are actually optional: if you’d rather hear music from your favorite bands while you game – in addition to the game’s sound effects and your conversations with other gamers on Xbox Live – you can. Listen to tunes you’ve ripped from your CDs to your Xbox 360 hard drive, or plug in a portable audio device.

To supplant a game’s music with music from your portable audio player:

  1. Turn on your Xbox 360 console and load an Xbox 360 game.
  2. Plug your portable music player’s USB cable into a controller port on the Xbox 360 console. Make sure your player is on.
  3. Once the game is running, press the Xbox Guide button and select Select Music.
  4. Choose your portable device from the list of available options and select the artist, album, or playlist you want to listen to.
  5. Press the Xbox Guide button to return to your game. Your selected music will play in place of the game soundtrack.

To balance the level of your secondary audio source against the non-music elements of a game:

  1. After you’ve started your music as described above, select the sound-level icon from the Xbox Guide.
  2. Use your left stick to raise or lower the music level relative to the game’s non-music elements.
  3. Press the Xbox Guide button to return to your game.


以串流方式將音樂從可攜式音樂播放器傳輸至您的 Xbox 360™ 主機上:

  1. 在可攜式音樂播放器裝置和主機上的控制器連接埠之間接上一條 USB 纜線 (選購)。
  2. 將可攜式音樂播放器裝置設定為透過 USB 連接埠播放。
  3. 選取「媒體」、「音樂」和「可攜式裝置」。
  4. 選取您想要收聽的音樂或播放清單。

您也可以收聽 USB 快閃磁碟機 ( 即隨身碟) 等資料儲存裝置上的音樂。然而,與可攜式音樂播放器不同的地方在於,您將無法透過資料儲存裝置瀏覽演出者、專輯、音樂類型等特性,而只能檢視一份媒體檔案清單。


Same-thread reply dated "04-17-2006, 1:13AM":

謝謝! 本人又想知道若果玩XBOX 遊戲,又能不能?謝謝!

In order to play Xbox (1) games on the Xbox 360, the console runs a program which emulates an Xbox (1). This only creates a virtual Xbox (1) environment and thus the game will only play in its original state. Game programming and thus changing soundtrack options in Xbox (1) games isn’t possible.


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