General Xbox 360 FAQ for Hong Kong

One of my posts at "香港 (Hong Kong) 地區 Xbox 討論區" dated "04-16-2006, 11:30AM":

To celebrate the first month of the Xbox 360 console in Hong Kong and following the success of the original "General Xbox FAQ for Hong Kong", I thought it’s time for a new FAQ dedicated to the Xbox 360 in Hong Kong.


The 360 console boasts with impressive hardware, which naturally produces much heat. This makes it very important to place the console in a cool, or at least cooled (fans…) location. Most shelves, even many of the home entertainment editions, are the worst place to place the console. Try to keep a lot of free space full-circle around the console so it not only can blow out the hot air on one side, but also suck in cool air on the other side. No matter how large the closed shelf, it always will be a closed box which eventually heats up beyond the console’s tolerance.
Don’t forget the power unit which also heats up. It prefers a cool floor.

You may also consider additional hardware such as licensed cooling fans which can be hooked onto the console. If you can’t bear the heat to play a hot game, then the console most likely can’t either. Share the air-con and you both will have great times together.

Power Supply

Besides heating up, the power supply has been reported to be quite weak. The console itself consumes a great amount of power and with an additional fan hooked up (some share the same power supply), it can reach its limit at times.

We assume the power supply has been designed to work with the console and official (licensed) accessories have been done so as well. So under normal conditions it should work just fine, but if you have an unstable power line (minor fluctuations you notice with a normal light bulp flickering when you switch on another device – or even worse – all the time), you are doomed. In such a case, get something to ensure you have a stable supply of power. That’s also a good recommendation for your computer, so why not share a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)? No need for fancy "power cleaners" unless you have a hifi with a price tag I would buy a car for.
Basically, anything with a more or less (no need to be perfect) output will do it. Hint: Don’t hook up the console on the same line you already have everything from water boiler to laundry machine.

Different Zones Encoding

While the first-generation Xbox console was easy to understand in terms of zones, the new console has stirred quite a confusion. Zones are the encoding of the games to determine in what region they can(not) be played.

The Asian region should be zone NTSC-J, US be NTSC, Europe be PAL…
NTSC is the video signal and the letter J would mean Japan, or in the case of the first Xbox, mark the Asian region.

Appearantly, some Xbox 360 games labelled NTSC can also be played on Asian consoles and this has caused quite a confusion. It is therefore highly recommended to

  1. Check the game box cover for local information.
  2. Consult the vendor about a particular game.
  3. Consult this forum and other sites with game information.

Not only could a wrong encoding mean an unplayable game, but also the right encoding could mean trouble if you buy an NTSC-J game and it comes in Japanese language only. Apart from some Japanese games, all Asian games have English and often local soundtracks.

Account Language

The management of the language of your Xbox Live account has slightly changed with the migration of your account to the Xbox 360 system.

While the language of your dashboard – which you manually selected – in the first Xbox was the same for every page including the "Billing" section, this has changed with the 360 version. You can still choose the dashboard language but for the moment, the billing pages language is automatically set to the default language of the country where you registered with your credit/debit card for Live payments. This is a problem for many gamers and word has come that this will be changed in the future.

However, it is still unknown if such changes will also be made to the Live newsletters which are currently also based on the credit/debit card registered country rather than the gamer’s personal choice.

Download (Live) Servers

Xbox Live provides content download like updates, add-ons and game demos. In particular the game demos depend on what country you have registered your Xbox Live Gamertag.

A Japanese-based Gamertag would get you connected to the Japanese download server which features more Japanese demos whereas a US-based Gamertag would provide you with more Western-style content.

You can get around this problem by creating more than one Gamertag, such as free silver accounts. Be sure to use valid addresses.

Data Corruption / Safegame Crash

If you got a memory card or hard drive for your Xbox 360, you can store safegames. It has been reported that this sometimes can result in loss of data for various reasons.

The best work arounds are to not overheat the console and check for game updates. Many games have known issues which are fixed through updates same as you do for your PC with the monthly Windows updates. Please also consult the Xbox support page and don’t hesitate to contact the technical support. A significant number of consoles had already to be replaced.

Game Disc / DVD

First of all, it is normal that the discs are hot enough to heat up food plates after prolongued sessions. Furthermore, as with all discs, handle them with care.
Important: Do never change the console’s position (vertical/horizontal) while powered on with a disc loaded.

Game Release Dates

Game release dates is a never-ending problem we have to accept. Dates might be changed on last minute for good or bad, other games arrive as a surprise while yet others will never make it. The best advise would be to check with the local forums, official sites and updated game sites as well as gaming magazines.

Even if a game release has been confirmed, this doesn’t mean the game will be available right away in just about any shop. There are preferred resellers, shops in a relation with the game distributor, and so on. Unless you say hi to your favorite shop anyways, better give them a call to ask about the new game arrival and its status (might as well be sold out before you get off OT). On the other hand, there are sometimes shops in a more remote location where you can still buy games already sold out everywhere else.

Video Resolution

All Xbox 360 video games run on "old" TV sets as well as the latest HDTV generation. If you have problems connecting your display at the desired resolution, please consult your display manual first. Most problems can be solved by consulting the manual first. The console normally auto-detects your display but you can manually overwrite this setting in the console’s configuration.

Music & Video

The Xbox 360 can stream both audio and video. Music can be stored on its hard drive (may be purchased separately depending on your console setup), streamed from audio players connected to the console by USB or songs streamed from a computer (either be Windows XP Media Center Edition or other Windows running the program Media Connect).

Video however can only be streamed from DVDs in the console’s drive or files from a computer running Windows XP Media Center. The program Media Connect does not support video streaming at the moment.

Poor Overall Quality

There have been isolated cases of sub-standard quality Xbox 360 consoles. If you are in doubt, please contact immediately your local official support service.


If you need help about anything Xbox or Xbox 360, don’t hesitate to browse this forum, ask questions, search the Xbox Knowledgebase or contact your local support.

For local support contact details and online help in various languages, please select an official Xbox web site: Country/Region.


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