Re: Paying by Credit Card

I have the same email language problem because of my European account.
In fact, it is even more tricky: Live-related information comes in European-style (not my first/preferred languages), and the local Hong Kong info comes in Chinese.

The emails are written in the country/region specific language and are sent to everyone registered in that country. These emails contain country/region specific information which might not be available in, or match to other regions.

If they would send you an English email, that would mean that either someone had to manually translate it, or the email comes from another country/region and therefore is not accurate anymore.

  • The email language is the same as the country/region language and likely won’t change. Otherwise, they would have to come up with an English version for just about every site and email.
  • The dashboard language is a major problem and as we learnt is looked after. The dashboard is always the same content for everyone (just enter credit card etc…); not much regional change to do.

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