Re: Account Management – Change Language

One of my posts at "香港 (Hong Kong) 地區 Xbox 討論區" dated "04-08-2006, 8:32PM":

Q: "My 360 is in English but when I am logged into, goto My Xbox, goto Account Management, sign in again, everything is in Chinese. I belive this is because I registered as being in Hong Kong. Anyone give me direction to change my language from chinese to english? I want to pay for live and buy points but if I select UK or US, i’ll be paying different prices right?"
A: "yes, if the "locale" information of your Xbox account is set to Hong Kong, then the website default language will also be set to Chinese whenver you login"
Q: "when I say I want to use credit card, it tells me my 360 needds to be in Chinese language in order to proceed."

I think this is the same problem but worse with the 360 as it is with the first generation.

While the first generation accepts any language/local settings mix, it however will send you the newsletter, publish news in the dashboard, and send you account emails in the default language of the country you selected when entering your first-time billing information.

Pretty troublesome as the default language isn’t even known in my country despite my country being officially supported (but no own web site) by Xbox and Live. There is, however, a default second language which I think should be the case for locations like Hong Kong too. After all, besides Chinese, English is the official language.

If they can’t manage to get English content on their local site, it’s one thing. But locking account requirements/preferences/settings/whatever in one language only isn’t acceptable.

Anyone found a way around? Otherwise, I suggest – for the 360 problem – to either call up the support hotline or drop them a mail. It never came to my mind to check for language changes by myself because at least in my case I can resort to the default second language.

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