Wireless and Live

One of my posts at "Xbox Live香港(Hong Kong)討論區" dated "04-02-2006, 10:46PM":

In response to
"I’ve played with some local hong kong players using wireless routers, they have issues with the update…they are HGC connections
Not sure if its the wireless or the ISP, but try direct connections for a better result"
in post "DOA4 無法更新"

Wireless connections should not have any Live problem just because they are wireless. Wireless is just another way of data transmission. However, wireless requires a good connection (stable). That means, if the connection speed has fluctuations due to changes in the signal strength, the actual up-/download will be influenced.

I currently have this experience in a house here where the walls are up to half a meter thick stone (in HK, replace that with concrete, bricks and steel). 10m away the wireless is so weak that it goes down to 1Mbit when I just pass the router antenna’s "invisible direct air path" to the connected device. Despite the connection being still 1Mbit, the actual data transfer virtually breaks down. After that, it will take a while to get back to normal speed.

In case you have a similar situation, you can imagine that a weak/unstable wireless connection is easy to be negatively influenced. A friend in HK had put the router in a prominent spot in the living room and the computer’s wireless card about 5m away, in another room, in a corner. The signal regulary broke down (and switched to a neighbor’s network with the default card settings). Don’t believe the features printed on the router’s box of 100m on open field; that’s not more than a tenth in a high-tech filled house.

Either ensure the connection is always stable or get a wired connection. That’s my advise and that’s why I have to get a range expander for a 20m radius (sigh). Happy those in paperwall offices…


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