Re: What Online Games Magizines/sites do you visit to get information about the 360 games, accessories and XBLM downloads?

One of my posts at "香港 (Hong Kong) 地區 Xbox 討論區" dated "03-29-2006, 5:19PM":

The question was not "what ‘other’ sites" so I want to add some "internal" sites here as well, assuming that we take the HK Xbox site and Forum as "home base". This might be useful for those new to the Xbox and trying to find information on other official sites as well. We point so often to these sites in our support replies that I think they are worth to be mentioned here as well. Sort of a web site directory.

Besides the HK Xbox site, there’s also the more or less same site (same games on sale) in Singapore. That site can also be used to translate into English the core information from the HK site by replacing the ‘HK’ part in the HK URL with "SG".

Generally, Babel Fish’s site is good for a quick but rough translation of both text input and entire pages:

For more Asian content, there are also the Taiwanese and Japanese sites:

A complete list of official Xbox sites can be found here:

The Xbox Knowledgebase (KB) can be directly accessed here:


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