Re: 大家有沒有試過下載 Game Demo 落 Xbox 360 來玩 ? 下載速度如何 ?

One of my posts at "Xbox Live香港(Hong Kong)討論區" dated "03-29-2006, 4:56PM":

"I use 和記 10M too and it’s extremely slow… It could have been my own setup (my 360 is using wireless connection to my router 2 rooms away ^^ (…)"

If your home network setup is too week, you may boost it with a Wireless Range Expander like this one.
But generally, you should be able to receive a wireless signal strong enough to game, at least 2 rooms away. You can check the signal strength of the connection maybe.

Try downloading demos over the day when you are at work or so. If the console is cooled enough, it shouldn’t freeze. But just to make sure, don’t put it near carpets or so; I don’t wanna see your place burning.


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