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One of my posts at "香港 (Hong Kong) 地區 Xbox 討論區" dated "03-25-2006, 10:43AM":
(Original thread: Re: 一個逢係新手想用無線上網的朋友都要入黎睇睇ga!!!包你地多謝我ga!?)

Once, I didn’t have anything better to do at night and so I took my laptop and went into the streets to check out the wireless network situation. Besides the usual 2 or 3 foreign networks I can access from within my home, walking on the street with a laptop (or any other wlan equipped device) showed me that not a single walk step was uncovered. Always at least a pair of ready-to-connect networks, both B and G. In most cases, I even could access the routers/modems because the default login/password wasn’t even changed.

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t do any harm nor even go online. Just "scanning" with the default wlan card control panel (not even those sniffing tools). Once I even detected an office wlan in Causeway Bay while minding my own business on the top floor at the Central library. I am sure, anyone with some spare time at lunch hour could gain access to lots of businesses without any security barrier.

People at home may think, oh well, who would want to connect to my Xbox – my computer is wired anyways. But that’s wrong. The wireless access allows plenty of nasty things, from pc access to using the Internet connection for evil actions. If I would use my neighbors’ unprotected access for running WinMX and such, I most certainly would not be the one receiving letters (see recent HK news).

Encryption, no sip broadcasting, restricted MAC address list… it’s all not going to help for sure if someone really wants to get in. But it caters for the needs of 95+ % of the average user. Unless you got a really curious neighbor, it should be sufficient.

Wireless setup can be tricky, even if all hardware is from the same manufacturer. I just name Linksys where one device handles passphrases to generate keys, but the other hardware despite passphrase input won’t ever connect unless the key is manually entered. I don’t want to scare people, just check out the company’s support or ask fellow gamers for setup help.

I’ve noticed a lot of wireless related posts here recently. In fact, quite a lot of posts repeat the same questions and answers. Sometimes I wonder if people actually use the magical "Search" function of this forum, or generally on the web. No offence, but a good search reveales a lot. And remaining issues are mostly welcome to be solved here.

Many fellow gamers do a good support in this forum, but it should stay with the support service. They are not human search engines (not including their research work of course).

It would be nice if we would return to post messages in their dedicated category.
Connection issues, gamertags and so on would be better placed in Xbox Live香港(Hong Kong)討論區. That would make forum browsing a lot easier and less frequent visitors could find information faster.

I am sorry if I got a bit off topic now, as it was initially a wireless related post. I’d like to return to the main subject and close this little excursion 😉


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