Re: 20GB hard drive problem~

One of my posts at "香港 (Hong Kong) 地區 Xbox 討論區" dated "03-25-2006, 4:22AM":

Hardware is zone independent; same like you can buy controller in one place and console in other one.
Only the games are encoded in different zones.

A problem with the hard drive is that you cannot really move it from one console to another.

Say you download content which you paid for, then you can only play it offline on the machine where you made the download. Plugging the drive into another console will only let you play it while you are online with your account used to purchase the download so Live can remotely confirm the one who downloaded is the one who plays it and not you gave a copy to a friend; or in trial mode only.

The games are tied to both your account AND the console. If you want to bring some content to a friend’s house, better bring your entire console.

If you need a new console (service center replacement) but you keep your original drive, you have to talk to the support to help you get everything back in order (like refund credits to "rebuy" the content you previously paid for the download).

Ps: There are more hard drive solutions to come, like Datel’s 4GB (nice for use as "memory card") and also bigger than 20GB sizes.


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