Re: Games Release Dates From

One of my posts at "香港 (Hong Kong) 地區 Xbox 討論區" dated "03-24-2006, 6:11PM":

Game releases is a never-ending problem because it is not just one party releasing the games. It would be nice if just one end-distributor announces all games but in reality it works different, and that’s the reason why there are always gonna be problems with the dates.

Different games mean different publishers. The publishers have different distributors. Now think about how many variables that makes; where a date could be modified. I remember lots of games not even mentioned on a list or just a day in advance, only to be rushed out in a blitz the next day with distributor troops running from stores to stores like a special unit; to hiss their flags (promotion material) and take pix of their great work they did (just forgot to mention the release to the public).

I am sorry but the best way is to stick with your favorite shop. Many shops meanwhile have some expert staff which knows quite a lot, including accurate rumors.

Here the official game release disclaimer (MS SG):

  • 3rd party launch timing is based upon information supplied by that publisher and is deemed to be accurate at time of posting to this site.
  • We take great efforts to provide the latest and most accurate information, updates to launch timing appear as updated by the publisher.
  • As launch dates approach your official Xbox retailer is the best source for specific dates and times.

The official web site also isn’t updated that fast so even when there is an official release date, it may not be instantly reflected on the site. Same goes for release dates announced too early and thus becoming increasingly inaccurate.

Our local market can’t be compared to US where games are announced sometimes months in advance. Unless there are plans for a local promotion campaign, don’t expect similar standards as in the US. Sad but true…


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