Re: About the NTSC and PAL system

"(…) if I play Xbox 360 game at UK need "PAL" system of the game, if my friend’s Xbox 360 was bought from UK, can I use the game that I buy at Hong Kong (with NTSC system) to play at there?"
"How about United States? They are also NTSC., is that possible?"
No. US uses "NTSC" and Asia uses "NTSC-J" as game encoding standard.
Please note: The common NTSC part of the game code (box label) refers to the video signal and therefore the US and Asian consoles can share the same NTSC TV. But as the additional "-J" in the Asian code suggests, it is a different encoding and therefore not playable. You cannot mix any region codes.
Video hint: most relatively new TV sets can display both PAL and NTSC, therefore bringing along your own console and importing games should work (I use a HK console in PAL region too).

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