Where you can use Xbox

One of my posts at "香港 (Hong Kong) 地區 Xbox 討論區", dated "10-29-2005, 2:06 AM":

The console can work everywhere if you can meet the console’s requirements:

  • Video signal
  • Power consumption
  • Game format

Video signal
The Hong Kong console is encoded NTSC-J (the Asian version) and the video signal is in NTSC. You must make sure that your TV can handle this signal or else you might end up with a black&white picture.

Power consumption
The Hong Kong console handles this power range: 180-265V AC, 50Hz
(Using plug adapter won’t be a problem, buy a 30+HKD at the airport or 8+HKD in the city)
If you are in a less than 189V area (US: 110V), you require a voltage converter.

Game format
As mentioned under "Video signal", the console uses the NTSC-J encoding which means you can only play games labelled "NTSC-J" (not "PAL" or "NTSC").

So IF…

  • you have a NTSC-compatible TV set
  • you can provide the required power
  • you have a source of NTSC-J games

… sure you can play it anywhere.
I even use a HK console in Europe as well (different game, video and plug format).

Hint: also check the environment conditions from the manual in which the console feels most comfortable.


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