Re: IP Address Not Found!

One of my posts at "Xbox Live香港(Hong Kong)討論區" dated "03-19-2006, 12:08AM":

Since you have a modem with 4 ports, I assume it is a modem with build-in router. You might just hook it up to any of the remaining free ports (numbered 1-4 I guess). Don’t connect nor pull out the cable going to a "Internet" port.

When your pc is connected to the modem, then hook up your console to another free port.

Check if your DHCP is working (if you can login to the modem setup).

You may also take a look at your pc network settings:

  • Is your pc network card using a static IP address? If so:
    – Double-check if DHCP in modem is enabled at all
    – Try to assign another static IP address (different one) to the console and be careful to use the same gateway and subnet mask parameters as for the pc network card.
  • Is your pc network card using a dynamic (DHCP) address? If so:
    – Check if there is still a free/available dynamic IP address available.
    to do that, log into your modem and see if
    a) you have more than one dynamic IP address assigned
    b) your pc network card is not blocking all available dynamic addresses because your modem assigns a new one every time you log in but is not releasing old ones.

Some of the suggestions above might sound silly but I’ve seen it all, so…


03-19-2006, 7:02 PM:

To prevent some misunderstandings, I want to clear out that we might talk about two different things here. I interpreted you have 4 ports but in fact you said you have 4 wires. Do you have any free port (plug) on your modem when all currently-in-use wires are connected or none anymore?

If you have no more free port, then you have to connect your console to the cable which usually connects to your pc; or with own cable from the console to the port where the pc network cable connects to your modem.

Only if you still have some free ports, then you can connect the console together with your pc to the modem.

So in case you hook up your console directly to your modem, check the network settings and set up your console same as you did with your pc when you got your broadband.
In case you have free ports, see my previous post as well.

For everyone with just one pc connected to the standard broadband modem (such as the grey box from Netvigator which comes with one LAN (network) port only, I suggest to get a router.

  1. Connect the router to the ISP modem and set up the "dial-up" settings in router.
  2. Connect all pc, consoles… to router and either use static or dynamic IP as you wish.

This setup allows unlimited devices sharing the same, single broadband connection without the hassle of "shared Internet" provided by your OS, as well as it gives you an always-on connection router keeps connection alive without pc attached).


03-19-2006, 12:17 AM:
Re: How is the xbox360?

4 wires: phone line, pc, power and tv (now)?

In that case, conenct to the LAN port where your pc is connected. Another suggestion: get a router to connect both. Check the pc network card settings (dhcp etc) and same for the console. Enter the login/password/protocol settings in the console for the login and try again with the connection.

Good suggestion: refer to the data sheet you got from ISP during initial setup or call them for your connection parameters. If no IP for your console, then the connection doesn’t work. But the LAN cable going to the pc definately is the right one for your console.

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