Re: Hang 機王360

One of my posts at "香港 (Hong Kong) 地區 Xbox 討論區" dated "03-21-2006, 5:34AM":

I am concerned about the console’s life time. That is, my old console runs and runs and runs (imagine the battery advertisement with the bunnies). But with the new console’s temperature situation, the life might be way shorter no matter the well intended cooling methods and efficiency.

This brings up two situations:

  • A lot of consoles will most likely die right after the warranty expiration (the usual customer’s bad luck).
  • Because probably most consoles sent to the service center will have heat-caused problems, there might be the risk of putting too easy a lot of oterhwise caused problems on that bill as well and avoid the supposed to be free repair/replace (within warranty period).


03-21-2006, 6:09AM:

I am surprised there is no case yet about some US mom suing MS because some child got burned (after all, they can even sue McD for too hot coffee so…)…


03-21-2006, 7:03AM:

The hot disc could be used to keep food plates warm hehe…
When you serve the dinner for your game party guests, just swap the disc 😉


One Response to Re: Hang 機王360

  1. Susan says:

    your Chinese is going on well…… even the Hong Kong Chinese

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