Re: English for Hong Kong & English speaking players

One of my posts at "香港 (Hong Kong) 地區 Xbox 討論區" dated "02-27-2006, 5:48PM":

Regarding he English language problem, it is something we have discussed since the first Xbox launch in HK. The previous web site version was partially in English, though not really updated. A non-official HK Xbox site also existed for a while but shut down due to lack of official support.

The closest you can get to a HK site in English with official information is by visiting the official Singapore Web Site which you can find here:

Singapore is same as Hong Kong in terms of standard product availability and information (not including special offers, product prices …). Most standard pages like the Support pages can be "translated" by visiting the Singapore page first, then replacing the "sg" part in the URL with "hk". This way, you get the page’s meaning in English from Singapore but the phone numbers, prices and dates from the HK page (western-style numbers).

For text pages (non-image and non-flash), you also may give it a try and copy/paste some text into and translate from "Chinese Traditional" to English (same works with the Japanese site). Or enter the URL and Babelfish tries to translate all readable text as a whole page, keeping the original layout/design.


02-28-2006, 5:54PM:

First, there is the Xbox Support service here:

If that doesn’t work out or you are not satisfied, chase them at the Customer Service here:

You could also let MS know your feeling through their "Feedback Online" page here (or start a petition campaign by flooding there with requests by all English gamers):


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