Different console versions / zones

One of my posts at "香港 (Hong Kong) 地區 Xbox 討論區", dated "11-08-2005, 2:12 AM":

The Xbox comes in different versions which depend on the region where they are released.

There’s the US, European, Australian/NZ and Asian version. All have different encodings, which consist of video signal and region.

  • NTSC-J: Asian/Japanese version.
  •  NTSC: US version.
  •  PAL: European/Australian version.

What are the differences?


! The most important difference is the game encoding. A game labelled NTSC-J won’t play on a NTSC labelled console.

TV signal

As the encoding label suggests, the TV signal is different per region (NTSC and PAL). For most gamers however, this is no more of a challenge as most new to medium aged TV sets accept both.

! Be sure to check with your TV first.

Power supply

The power supply not only varies by region, but also within a region and even country.

While the US zone uses 110V, the European zone uses 220V. That’s 2 regions with 2 different voltages.
BUT… the Asian console uses 220V in general but the local Japanese consoles for example come with 110V support.
Then again, be sure where you live. Some countries have different voltages within their own borders.

! If you move around, be sure you use a quality voltage converter or you may end up with a BBQ console.

Power plug adapter

The console comes with different power plug adapters; according to the location sold.

! If you move around, be sure you get a quality adapter.

Does this apply to everything?

No. Accessories like game controllers or memory cards are not region depending. You can buy a cool controller in the US and connect to your Asian console.

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