Cooling the 360

One of my posts at "香港 (Hong Kong) 地區 Xbox 討論區" dated "03-21-2006, 6:04AM":

What an irony to see that the console was first launched in the US desert but already sweats in the HK spring time. Within hours after the official HK launch, reports came in of crashing Xbox 360 consoles, near-burning temperatures at parts of the console and rising room temperatures. There is no doubt about the reasons as the Xbox 360 is a power machine with CPU and graphic performances making every home computer jealous.

There are many ways of handling this heat issue, such as "in the air hanging" power supplies, floating consoles and commercial fan solutions (including a water cooler). With limited space, high humidity and hot room temperatures even before switching on the console, HK poses a hazardous environment to the Xbox 360.

How do you cool your Xbox 360 console?

Share your ideas and experiences here and let us create a list of solutions reasonable and compatible with the HK environment. Don’t hesitate to write about failed attempts (put the console in the fridge, anyone?) or hillarious ones (decorate the console with sunglasses to make it look "cool"). Please include links to related web sites such as product information when available, or in case you uploaded photos of your installation.

Let’s cool this hot gaming machine before it cools down forever 😉

List of suggestions by other gamers (to be continued):

  • buy a USB fan, plug to 360, turn on fan and have it blowing more air circulation to it
  • have lots of room for breathing space
  • put the PSU on cold tiles
  • if you have the 360 horizontal, have something to lift it at above ground for better airflow on the bottom holes
  • if room temp is getting warm, i.e hot spring/summer, I’d put my aircon on, lol
  • CD gets hot, take breaks after hours of play
  • turning on the air conditioner (high-cool) whenever you play is really the best and neatest solution (if you don’t mind the electric bill, that is), just like a standard data centre environment
  • better yet, you can also install an FM200 fire detection and prevention system, with pre-action sprinkler backup….

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