Advanced use

One of my posts at "香港 (Hong Kong) 地區 Xbox 討論區", dated "10-29-2005, 2:11 AM":

You can do much more with your cosnole than written in the manual; either useful or funny things. These are no "hacking" tips but show ways of "Advanced Usage" of your console.

  • Psychedelic (Animation) Effects
  • Secret Thank-You
  • Small Movie Clip
  • Console name
  • Playing burned music discs
  • Hear Voices
  • Reformat Hard Drive
  • Checking console>Live connection
  • Checking Xbox Bios version

Psychedelic (Animation) Effects

  1. Create a Soundtrack o­n the Xbox hard disk.
  2. Play a song that you copied.
  3. While the song is playing, hold the Y button, then press the X button.
  4. To exit this fullscreen mode, hit any button.

Secret Thank-You

  1. Insert a music CD.
  2. Select "Copy", then press "Select all".
  3. When asked to name your soundtrack, name it symbol for "arrow left" and symbol for "arrow right" (without space, just 2 arrows) and press "Done".
    Make sure you enter the arrow symbols and be sure to use the ߠcharacter under Accents.
  4. After you press "Done", you’ll see a special Thank You and a long list of the people responsible for helping to create the Xbox.

Small Movie Clip
Simply insert and Xbox game into any standard DVD player.

Console name
Each Xbox console has a "name" assigned to it at the time of manufacture. To view the name of your system:

  1. Play Halo
  2. Link it to another console
  3. Choose a linked-play party.
    The consoles will have names above their symbols in the pre-game stat screen.

To change your name:

  1. Play "Challenge mode" in Dead Or Alive 3.
  2. Successfully complete "Challenge mode" and you will be prompted to enter a record name.
  3. Enter the name that you wish to change your pre-assigned Xbox name to.
  4. This will now be the title your Xbox is referred to during linked play.
    Note: This will o­nly work o­ne time, so be sure that you enter the name you wish to permanently have for your console.

To see your Xbox name easily:

  1. Start Halo
  2. Go into "Multiplayer mode"
  3. Choose "Split Screen", "Profile", and "Location".
    After all that is done, there will be a screen that reads "Waiting for more players". The picture of the Xbox is directly above your profile name, and above your picture will be a word. That word will be used as your name when your console goes o­nline. This works best when there is o­nly o­ne controller plugged into the Xbox, so the multiplayer game will not start before you see your name.

Playing burned music discs

  1. Burn music o­nto a CD-RW (not a CD-R) disc.
  2. Close the session when you burn the CD.
  3. Place it in your XBox and rip away.
    Note: This also works with .MP3 files. The Xbox can store .MP3s and replay them later and saves a lot of space when compared to the .WAV files that are standard o­n audio discs.

Hear Voices
When the dash is started, leave it alone for a short time. The screen will eventually get dark, and you will begin to hear sounds. O­ne of these is an electronic voice.

Reformat Hard Drive
WARNING Reformatting the hard drive will delete all of your saved games and soundtracks!!!
If you must reformat your X-Box’s hard drive:

  1. Go to Settings > System Info
  2. Press Y, Up (left stick), Down (left stick), X, A.

Checking console>Live connection
Main Menu > Settings > Network Settings >Connection: press Y button
L: Latency
Example: 190 (193): 190ms = minimum (fastest), 193ms = average
P: Packet Loss Ratio
20: Number of packets sent. A 20/20 would show a healthy 100% arrived.
Example: 18/20: 2 is the number of which times a packet loss occured. That’s 10% (2 of 20)

Checking Xbox Bios version
If you want to know the version:

  1. Goto "Settings" option in the dasboard.
  2. Select "Information".
    You will see lots of legal text. If there’s no kernel version written you have a 3944. Else it’s will be clearly written which kernel you have.

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